women don’t get to wear pants that are made for boys. women wear special lady pants. and if we dress “like boys” legitly, we’re punished. so right off the bat, we need to recognize that the notion that women have special clothing privileges is utter bullshit. (our clothing is also used as a method to blame us for being victims of crime.)

beyond that, we also need to recognize that women’s clothing is used to mark us as “lesser” and “subordinate,” while men’s clothing is used to mark power, utility, importance, and arguably “authenticity” (while women’s fashion is “shallow/fake”).

when men are punished for wearing a dress, they are being punished for being “weak” or “subordinate” (woman-like). when women are punished for wearing pants, they are being punished for subverting subordination. there’s a constantly changing continuum of this general dynamic.

we can’t equate our clothing restrictions because they’re rooted in different problems. more importantly, we should never frame women as “privileged” with the right to behave like a man/powerful person (as that image does by saying we can “wear pants”). it just isn’t true. 

first round of #loveyourbodyweek 2013 events on #UNT campus went awesome! so so so much positive response! tomorrow, we’re out at the library mall again from 11-3 and having a panel discussion on body positivity from 7-9 in the business leadership building that i have so graciously been asked to be a part of. :) (at University of North Texas)