FIC: Let's Go All The Way Tonight (Klaine, NC-17)

Kurt, young and innocent, meets Blaine, a NYADA senior with a certain reputation, and follows him home. ~6,8k. AO3.

Thanks to Christine for beta and to Julia for awesome cheerleading ♥︎

Kurt first meets Blaine when he’s nineteen and follows Rachel to Callbacks. They’ve been in New York for two months, but this is the first time Kurt is really out and about. He’s quiet for most of the night, sipping his diet coke as he listens to Rachel and her friends chatter on and on about NYADA, constantly interrupting themselves when one of them gets on stage to perform. They’re good, all of them, they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t, but Kurt doesn’t see anyone who really catches his attention until a short, dark-haired boy with a bowtie enters the stage and sits down by the piano. 

The cheers he gets tell Kurt he’s well-known. If Kurt had to guess, he’d probably put him down as a senior, maybe even an alumni who’s just back for the night. He oozes confidence, and he has no sheet music to go by when he starts to play. It’s an improvised intro, but there are some familiar notes, and eventually it tunes out into a piano cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

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FIC: Don't Keep Me Waiting (Klaine, NC-17)

this is bottom!kurt and it’s all for julia

Kurt lasts until after dinner before he finally gives up. It’s been one of those days where they’ve just been out of sync, all day. Blaine made coffee when Kurt wanted tea, Kurt put on the coffee house lounge playlist when Blaine wanted the songs to sing to in the shower playlist. Kurt wanted to go for a walk, Blaine wanted to watch a movie. They haven’t been mad at each other, or even annoyed, they’ve just not been on the same page as they usually are. Also, Kurt wanted sex when he woke up, but Blaine was already out of bed. 

All day, Kurt has been trying to hint at Blaine what he wants. He put on his tightest pair of pants, he’s been bending over a lot more than usual, he’s been standing unnecessary close to Blaine while cooking, and still…nothing. Blaine has been completely oblivious, and after dinner, Kurt gives up. 

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FIC: last first kiss (Kelliott, PG-13)

someone should take twitter away from me. 

(klaine never got back together shh just go with it)

“Hey, Kurt, can I ask you something?” Elliott asks after practice, when the others are packing up to leave. 

“Yeah, sure,” Kurt says, abandoning his folding of the mic stand to give him his full attention. The five of them have become really tight during the past few weeks, and if Elliott is prefacing his question with permission to ask it, it has to be serious. 

“You know the jacket you wore to practice last week? The red one?”

Kurt raises his eyebrows. “Yes?”

“Could you…show me how you made it? With the ribbons?”

“Sure?” Kurt says, not really understanding why Elliott needed to ask him in private. 

“…Tomorrow, maybe?” 

Kurt is about to protest, because they don’t have band practice tomorrow, because it’s Saturday, and—oh. Oh

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FIC: The fear you won't fall (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

Title: The fear you won’t fall
Kurtbastian (Klaine friendship)
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~10 200
Beta: bononoh
Summary: Kurt and Sebastian are friends with benefits. They’re both completely convinced that they don’t have feelings for the other. But when Kurt meets Blaine again and has sex with him, he realizes that yeah, maybe he has feelings for Sebastian. The next day, Sebastian ends things with Kurt, but Kurt is determined to get him back. Written for this prompt on the GKM. 
Warnings: Warning for Klaine sex? Other than that, nothing special.
A/N: Title comes from Joshua Radin’s song with the same name. Thanks to Holly for an awesome prompt (again!) and to Malin for cheering me on. 

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It’s always like this when they fuck. Hard, desperate, and if they’re ever forced to be honest — fucking awesome. Part of it is because they only ever do this when they are desperate, but part of it is also because this is who they both are. They’re both intense people by their very nature, and this is how they have sex, romance and fingertip touches be damned. This is how Kurt has sex when he needs to get off, and that’s what he uses Sebastian for. This is how Sebastian has sex, period. If it feels a little better with Kurt than with a random hookup, it’s only because God was kind and gave Kurt a deliciously tight ass.

At least, that’s what Sebastian keeps telling himself. He tells himself it’s not better because Kurt is the only one who ever kisses his mouth, that it’s not because his stomach twists at the sight of Kurt in his Dalton Lacrosse Team t-shirt, that it has nothing to do with how Sebastian makes sure Kurt gets coffee before he leaves on the rare nights he stays over.

They’re friends, have been for years now, and sometimes they have sex to get off, to get each other off. There’s nothing more to it.


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FIC: Double Trouble (Klaine, NC-17)

prompt: pornstar!klaine, both have bps and they 69 and blaine uses a strap-on on kurt and lots of dirty filthy theatrical porn-talk from both parties. ~3,6k

thanks to em for reading through and to steph for cheerleading and help ♥︎

When he thinks about it, Kurt is surprised they haven’t done this before. He and Blaine are the only guys with pussies at the studio, and they’re both really popular on their own. Together, they’re going to be a hit. Still, Kurt is a little bit nervous before he enters the room they’re shooting in. He’s never actually been with another guy with a pussy before, and he knows his own well enough, but being with someone else is never the same. It doesn’t hurt that Blaine is gorgeous. If they weren’t in this…industry, Kurt would probably have asked him out for coffee if they’d met. 

“Kurt, you’re here, great,” says the producer when he enters the room. “We just have a few more things to set up, but you can take your place,” he says, nodding towards the bed where Blaine is already spread out, lazily touching himself, working himself up. They’re not doing a scene for this, they’re both high-profile and popular enough that it’s just a waste of time, so they’re starting out on the bed. There’s no script, they’re supposed to improvise, but Kurt has a plan if Blaine doesn’t, so he’s confident that this will go well. 

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FIC: i'll follow behind you on rainbow road (Kurtbastian, PG-13)

A/N: This is really stupid. 1k, features video games and innuendos. 

“KURT!” Sebastian yells, and his tone combined with the marching footsteps in the hall makes Kurt worry about his own safety. He puts down his magazine and stands up just as Sebastian jerks the bedroom door open.

“What. Did you do. To the Wii?” he asks, his expression positively livid. Kurt’s first instinct is to laugh, but luckily he manages to bite down that urge. 

“What?” he asks instead, because he’s not really sure what Sebastian’s asking. 

“What did you do to the Wii?” Sebastian repeats, clenching and unclenching his fists at his side to try and keep himself calm. Kurt sits down at the bed again, because he doesn’t feel like he’ll need a defense position for this. 

“Nothing?” he says. He hasn’t touched the game console in weeks. 

Sebastian doesn’t look like he believes him for even one second. 

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FIC: Be My Baby (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

Kurt and Sebastian being on vacation and Kurt wanting to see the sights but Sebastian wanting to ~stay in bed~.

warnings: bp!kurt, daddy!kink

my darling bekah prompted this four months ago and i finally got around to writing it.

i haven’t written porn in ages, so i apologize for the severe lack in quality /o\

Kurt wakes up feeling more well-rested than he has in months. He glances around the hotel room and burrows down deeper under the covers, a pleased smile spreading over his face. 

They’re on vacation, finally. Kurt shifts to his side, facing Sebastian, and looks at him, and smiles again when the frown that’s been pretty much permanent on Sebastian’s forehead the past couple of weeks now is completely gone. Kurt has been pushing this for awhile, coaxing his boyfriend into just taking some time off, and now they’re here, the vacation coinciding with Kurt’s spring break. They arrived late yesterday, and Kurt is excited to go out today and just look at everything.

If he manages to get Sebastian to come along, that is. He doesn’t want to wake him up, but at the same time, he really wants to go out, and not alone. 

Kurt bites his lip, considers his options. He can get up and shower, at least, and go through his moisturizing routine, so he’s ready when Sebastian wakes up. 

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We Could Be More Than Just Amazing (Klaine, R)

Title: We could be more than just amazing
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: R
Word count: ~6200
Summary: Kind of a college!AU. Kurt needs to tell Blaine something, so they have a talk. Then they have the talk, and then they do the thing.
Warnings: Transexual (ftm) Kurt, masturbation, fingering, blowjob.
A/N: Several weeks ago, I had a discussion on twitter about boypussy vs trans* characters in fic, and that discussion gave me the encouragement I needed to be able to write this fic. It features Kurt as transexual (without SRS), it contains no angst, and the only body dysphoria mentioned is in the past. If that bothers you, don’t read. If you want more details on it before reading, please feel free to ask! (also yes, the title is from Westlife). Thanks to artist-artists & ljummen for read-through, and special thanks to kuinnbastian & rain-bow-bow for support and encouragement!
Crossposts: AO3,, LJ


We need to talk. We need to talk. We need to talk.

Kurt runs the sentence through his head a million times while he moves the cutlery half an inch to the left, and then back again. They really do need to talk. Kurt is ready. He has maxed their hang-out time this week, just in case Blaine doesn’t want to ever see him again after this. They had coffee on Tuesday, went to the movies on Wednesday, managed to grab a quick lunch yesterday, and any minute now, Blaine is coming over here for dinner. If things work out, they still have the whole weekend to hang out, with Kurt much more relaxed than he’s been able to be before, and if things don’t work out…well, then Kurt has the whole weekend to himself to eat ice cream and watch crappy reality TV. It’s a brilliant plan, really.

If he can just figure out how to say it.

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prompt: innocent bp!kurt rubbing his pussy against the edge of the couch and blaine catching him?

just a tiny crappy piece to try and break my writer’s block. prompt by the ever-so-lovely julia ♥︎

It’s nine in the evening, and the heat is still pressing. They’ve spent all day lazing around by the pool in Blaine’s parents’ backyard, both a little intimidated by the amount of skin they’ve been showing off and seeing. Now, they’re inside, and Blaine just left Kurt on the couch to get some lemonade. 

“Hey, sweetheart, do you wanna watch…” Blaine falters when he reenters the living room and sees what Kurt is doing, “…a movie.” He almost drops the glasses, but catches himself at the last second and grips them tighter instead, the condensation mixing with the sweat on his palms. “What—” His voice cracks, and he coughs. “What are you doing?” he asks, his question completely redundant, because he can see what Kurt is doing. 

Kurt is straddling the armrest of the couch and is rubbing himself against it. When he hears Blaine, he turns around, aims his big, pleading eyes at him. “I just—it’s so hot, I’m so hot, it’s—please, Blaine, I don’t know what to do.” He sounds like he’s on the verge of tears, the desperation clear on his face, and Blaine feels light-headed as blood rushes to his cock. He takes a few quick steps to the couch, puts the glasses down on the coffee table, then kneels in front of Kurt. 

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i’m calming my pre-trip jitters by writing a completely meaningless drabble with drunk!kurt kissing sebastian enjoy~

It’s way past midnight when Sebastian gets hold of Kurt for longer than a few seconds. It’s Kurt’s 25th birthday and they’ve rented out a club. All of Kurt’s friends from the theater are here, Rachel and Santana too, and a few of Sebastian’s co-workers. Sebastian and Kurt have crossed paths a few times during the night, but they haven’t actually talked since they left their apartment several hours earlier. That is, until Kurt navigates up to the balcony where Sebastian is sitting with a couple of his friends, and promptly drops down into Sebastian’s lap. 

“Hi,” he says with a bright smile, wrapping his arm around Sebastian’s neck. He’s—not drunk, exactly, but tipsy, and pretty much on his way to drunk if Sebastian doesn’t stop him. Kurt grabs Sebastian’s half-full glass of beer and downs it. 

Oh well. 

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Five times Sebastian was wet and naked, and one time he should have been

for katie

the second part contains a moment of someone almost drowning, so if that triggers you or makes you uncomfortable, just skip that part!

1) when they become official

In Kurt’s defence, Adam wasn’t supposed to be home for yet another five-something hours. He knows that that’s really not an excuse for what he’s doing, but as Sebastian pulls his shirt over his head, Kurt really can’t find it in himself to care. The pants are next, and there’s something thrilling about Sebastian being naked while Kurt is still completely dressed. He does at least have the sense to throw Sebastian’s shirt on the couch before he pushes him down onto it, and then kneels between his legs.

Kurt’s been wanting to do this since he met up with Sebastian for coffee two hours ago, and if Adam’s apartment was closer than either of theirs, and Kurt conveniently has a key due to cat sitting duty (because he is an awesome friend), well… never say Kurt Hummel is the one to miss an opportunity like that.

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FIC: Safe Mode (Kurtbastian, NC-17)

Title: Safe Mode
Author: flipmeforward
Artist: unbridledglee
Beta: bononoh
Rating: NC17 (fic), G (art).
Word Count: 18 100
Warnings: Handjob, blowjob, semi-public sex, anal sex
Summary: Written for the Kurtbastian BigBang 2012/2013. An AU in which Kurt and Sebastian never met in high school. Instead, they meet at &brave—an up-and-coming online fashion company where Kurt is the new assistant slash blogger (one day he will figure out a better title), and Sebastian is the less than pleasant tech support guy. Kurt does his best to avoid Sebastian and his rude attitude at all possible costs, but it turns out that technology is not his friend. It also turns out that Sebastian might maybe possibly be (okay, probably is) more than just an annoying coworker.
A/N: Thanks to Malin, to Emy for endless support, and to Christine for beta and much-needed cheerleading. Also thanks to Nat for producing amazing art that also helped a lot with the inspiration ♥



my darling bekah sounded like she needed some pick-me-up, so i wrote something. 

Kurt shuts the door and slumps back against it, takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. This week has been hell, and he’s just—so tired. He’s so, so tired, and he just wants to sleep. And never get out of bed. He takes another couple of deep breaths, then pushes himself off the door and starts to take off his coat. He makes his way to the kitchen, drops his bag by the back of the couch and starts to take a mental tally of what’s left in the cupboard and what he can make for dinner, when his phone rings. The display reads Sebastian and Kurt smiles, despite his weariness, and hits ‘answer’. 

“Hey,” he says, pressing the phone between his ear and shoulder while he opens the fridge. “How are you?”

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FICLET: kiss me like you wanna be loved (Kadam, PG-13)

eeeh sorry for being absent but i kind of lost myself in another fandom? and i’m still there? except for this, which is 1,3k of fluffy kadam fluff with no point and no plot and generally no nothing? 

Kurt likes kissing. He really, really likes kissing, but he didn’t realize just how much, until he didn’t have anyone to kiss. And sure, he’d done it before, the whole long-distance thing, but it didn’t really work out, did it? And the conditions were different. 

He lived with Adam for a year, was able to kiss him almost whenever and wherever he wanted, before Adam went back to England for the summer. That was three months of long-distance, really long long-distance, with a lot of Skype and texting, and no kissing at all. 

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You can lay your weight on me and I'll be your backbone (Kurtbastian, PG-13)

i was bored and asked for prompts on twitter and shelby said “sick sebastian” and then malin outlined the plot for me and this sucks but i was bored ok? don’t judge. title is from hello saferide. 

Sebastian wakes up and realizes he can’t breathe. He doesn’t know what time it is, only that it’s pitch black in the bedroom, and that his nose is completely congested. His throat hurts, too, he discovers when he opens his mouth to take a breath and what comes out is a heavy cough. He groans and slumps back against his pillow, wincing when the movement makes his body ache. Jesus, he couldn’t get it in waves, he had to get hit by everything at once. 

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spookysebklaine said: 22 (“then there’s tongue”) - kurtbastian ;)

slight warning for dubcon i guess

Kurt counts the bottles behind the bar for the third time, and silently contemplates the fact that he’s never ever been this bored in his life. 

He’s at a bar. A straight bar. And it’s girls’ night out. He’s—if not the only guy in the room, at least one of the very, very few. Even the bartender is a girl. 

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take me to higher ground (kurtbastian, pg-13)

saw ad, wrote thing. 

“I still can’t believe you talked me into this,” Kurt mutters as he glares at himself in the mirror, adjusting his scarf. “You want me to die. It’s like you don’t love me anymore.”

“Yeah, that must be it,” Sebastian deadpans, opening the front door to let some air in and prevent them from actually dying from overheating. “I don’t love you anymore, so I take you on a ski trip. Like it wouldn’t be easier to just throw you into the Hudson.”

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kurtbastian, nc-17. ~2k.

warnings/kinks: masturbation, phone sex, slight exhibitionism, somnophilia, a bit (mostly talk) of comeplay

Kurt’s phone rings just as he’s about to start on dinner. It’s Sebastian, which is a bit worrying, because Sebastian is supposed to be on a plane from Canada right now. 

“Hello,” he answers, a bit wary. 

“Hi. Are you busy?” Sebastian’s voice is echoing slightly, like he’s in a bathroom. Kurt eyes the chopping board and the still untouched knife. 

“No,” he says. “What’s up?”

“My flight got delayed, and I need help.”

“Help? With what?”

“Can you just—talk to me?” Sebastian says, and that’s when Kurt notices his slightly breathless tone and irregular breathing. 

“Are you—Sebastian, are you jerking off in an airport bathroom?”

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FIC: Dressed For Success (Kelliott, NC-17)

Crossdressing!bp!Kurt & Elliott having sex. That’s it. 


Thanks to bononoh for beta. 

It’s one of those days where they just pass by each other all day. Elliott kissing Kurt goodbye on his way out of the door, while Kurt is just entering the kitchen to have breakfast; a couple of quick text messages when Kurt’s lunch break ends, just as Elliott’s begins; a five-minute conversation in the hallway when Elliott comes home and Kurt is leaving for his shift at the diner. 

When Kurt gets home again it’s pretty late, but it’s a Friday, and they’re both free the next day. 

“Hey,” Elliott says, smiling warmly when Kurt joins him in the kitchen. “How are you?” He turns away from the counter and the tea he’s making, opening up his arms for Kurt, who goes straight into his embrace. 

“Tired,” Kurt says, his voice muffled by Elliott’s t-shirt. “So tired.”

Elliott kisses his temple and strokes his back. “You’ve had dinner?” Kurt nods. “You want tea?” Another nod. “My computer’s on the coffee table, go put on a movie and I’ll be right there, okay?”

“I love you,” Kurt says, leaning up to press a kiss to Elliott’s jaw, before he does as he’s told. 

When Elliott comes out in the living room, Kurt is sitting on the floor by the coffee table, Elliott’s computer open in front of him, and with an expression Elliott can’t quite parse. Then Kurt looks up at him, and Elliott is reminded with startling clarity just what he was doing before he went to make tea. 

He was browsing for porn. 

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FIC: If You Start Me Up I'll Never Stop (Kurtbastian, R)

kurtsmythe asked: Can you do some kurtbastian age difference? Something like 5-10 years difference? Maybe innocent student Kurt with a crush on teacher Sebastian and maybe sex? 

Anonymous asked: Teacher!Sebastian Student!Kurt

Warnings: Teacher/student relations. Age difference. Innocence. Exhibitionism. Masturbation. Completely consensual, no underage

“Kurt. I can overlook one bad essay. I can overlook you being distracted in one class. But if this happens more frequently, it will affect your straight A’s. If you tell me what’s bothering you, I might be able to help you.”

Kurt is silent, but Sebastian can see the internal debate going on in his head. However, nothing could have prepared him for Kurt’s answer. 

“It’s you,” the boy blurts out. 

“I beg your pardon?”

“It’s you. You’re distracting me.”

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