It’s me again with these crossovers Disney-Dreamworks-Marvel 

I made an individual poster with every AVENGER and this is the result. I know!! There are some things that I can improve :)

I hope you enjoy and please don’t post these in another place just reblog and have some fun :)

Art School is the New Dream

What would Rapunzel do if she were in our modern day??
Why, wear some skinny jeans and go off to art school of course!
And with Flynn/Eugene giving her his 110% support as a full time student…. and to help prevent getting her hair getting caught on stuff too.

I imagine her listening to alot of indy music in that ipod of hers. And of course some Mandy Moore too ;p

The part i loathed the most in Art college was having to lug around aaall the stuff (tackle box, big bag for big sketch pad, books for GE classes.. etc.) from class to class. At the time i didn’t have my own car to throw my stuff in, so if ever i wanted to eat at Del Taco across the street, my wonderfully inconvenient school supplies came with :(