It wasn’t all that long ago when China’s Meizu unveiled its latest phone, the MX4, but the real flagship is actually what the company announced today. As

It’s very interesting to learn of the new Meizu MX4 Pro. This confirms the trends that next year all high-end Android smartphone should have at least 2K display and fingerprint scanner. Counting so far HTC, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Vivo, and the latest Meizu are the players.

What interest me the most with Meizu MX4 Pro is what they called “Retina Sound”. This is to indicate that its ES9018K2M 32-bit DAC and Texas Instruments’ OPA1612 amplifier with its high cut-off frequency and ultra-low distortion and all the high-end capacitors and resisters will give out a superb user experience for music playing.

Well, it seems Steve Jobs did a very great job in branding the name “Retina” as a high-quality/high resolution … to the point that Meizu even uses this terminology when it talk about sound quality.