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try disabling anon asks? if theyre too cowardly to show themselves maybe theyll stop bothering you

i would, but the thing is its only this one person who wont leave me alone. Every other anon (except two) have been absolutely lovely people and I don’t want to deny them

and the only reason this person is anon is because it allows them to bypass them being blocked.

i just need to block this person because i am going to literally kick their ass this is just retarded

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PLEASe make a cute and LIKEABLE girl appear later on in the story to mend his broken heart. I used to think he’ll end up w yuuri or something but now i ship her with his friend !

I want that too!! If he ends up as Andou I’ll kick someone

yES! I ship Yuuri with his friend too!! I hope they end up together because somehow they look good togetherr

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To that anon: This is gonna be harsh. I think you respect my opinion. And is not fair to be dishonest. So. Here it goes. You fucking suck. I can see how much you struggle to get your opinions through. But being entitled to have an opinion doesn't give you the right to act like an asshole. It hurts to see. You don't deserve to call yourself an artist. So. Sorry. I´m so sorry.


flyg8n said: forget kou omg touma<3 (im p sure kou will get his shit together in future chapters anyway)

Touma is killing me ohmygod can i just keep him under my bed or something

They always get their shit together, sadly, or luckly, idek anymore i just aaaah feels