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Since I’m the newest member of the @FlyCredentials Debate Squad I had a few things to say about bullying. Bullying is 4 Suckas. #AntiBully

Check it.

New Follower Alert!

Another NFA to keep you dash hot! This one’s for flycredentials. So this is actually really cool— the tumblr is dedicated to a company called Fly Credentials who makes tee shirts and sweatshirts based off of trends and what’s going on in New York and whatever else— I’ve never had a follower like this, I don’t think! Anyhoo, you’re going to find uploader posts, funny stuff, life lesson-type graphics, clothing (obviously!), hip hop things/stars, Obama, and other stuff. It’s a really vibrant, fun page. Give it a look and maybe you’ll even end up following it. Thanks for following me, and I hope you like my page!

Human nature….

So the past two weeks I have been on the FCB tour. I needed some time to get away and think about all the things that I need to do to get things done. In this photo, my mom said lets to go the park and take some pictures. The pictures came out really nice and fall like. I got to think about a lot of stuff these past two weeks. Im gonna be running non stop when I get back to New York.

But not until Monday.. Headed to the DMV tomorrow so Lets get it Bmore DC!!!


I Know.. I Been Playing

Wassup fam…cmon now..dont give me all that. I know I’ve been slipping with post and what not but will you accept that I’ve been busy as a vaild excuse. Okay before I get to deep into this. Let me try round two of trying to take my photo of the day. Im trying to do it in the hall but all of a sudden the hallway wanna be an active ass place…


Ok, I’m back. As I was saying, I’ve been busy doing some thangs trying to make some moves so don’t be to mad. If you really wanna stay in tune with me be sure to follow the instagram. (@Mush_FCB). I’ll be back soon.. I promise!


Catching some behind the scenes video from Fashion Week and a shoot that I did with Celebrity Design stevieb0i . Such a fun weekend

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