Crawlers are legless, almost pitiful monsters with a heightened sense of sight to make up for a bad sense of smell and hearing and typically team up with Clowns, who are basically the opposite when traveling to make up for their lack of ability to walk, as one is almost always nearby, hiding in the dark or entering holes in the walls and ceilings. They use their senses to locate their prey/target easily in the dark and attack to incapacitate or slow them down until the clown is there to finish it off. They use their horns to attack their victims legs in attempt to make them unable to walk, mirroring themselves. Crawlers have remnants of tattered, unusable wings, a locked jaw, and a large gaping chest wound, which makes them make a low gurgling sound all the time from their blood. When they are killed, the words “I just wanted to fly…” are whispered quietly.


Clowns are tall and fast monsters. They’re legs are pointed and bony, rather than having actual feet, which assists fast and agile movement, as well as a possible “weapon” to stab their victims. They are almost always found either in dark areas or anywhere near a Crawler. Because of their bad eyesight, they stay near and team up with Crawlers and use their heightened sense of smell and hearing to sniff out the victims (usually the scent of blood) that the Crawlers have found. Apparently gaining an attachment to the ground bound monsters, when one is killed, they will mourn their death and will attempt to revive them. However, when their attempts fail, they will take the head of the Crawler’s corpse and carry it with them, in hopes that they will still be their eyes, and lurk in the shadows from then on, attacking only when victims are near enough to be heard. When they are killed, a faint  honking noise is heard.

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I really hated that it had to come to this

But I made a GoFundMe account. I’m accepting any kind of donations, even though there’s a set goal, I’m not reach for it, I’m just looking for help.


If anything, my goal is to give them money to live of of until my mom can find a steady job again. My mom needs medication, and I need to have dental surgery to have my impacted wisdom teeth removed, since my health insurance was cut off after I turned 18.

It’d be a blessing to have a way to get my folks back on their feet again.