Imagine your OTP meeting for the first time. Character A regularly crossdresses/plays with gender presentation and is presenting as a different gender when they meet. Character B acts very interested, but Character A feels guilty as they’re sure that Character B is only attracted to the gender they’re presenting as, and leaves. When they meet again, with Character A presenting as their actual gender, they’re pleased to find that Character B is bi/pan and, yes, IS still very attracted to them.

Anonymous asked: so how about a high school au where dean & cas have been best friends since they were little & are crushing on each other hard. So one night they’re having a sleepover & they’ve always done this thing where they draw out letters on each others backs and try to guess what the other is writing. So whichever is the one drawing thinks the other has fallen asleep so they spell out “i love you” on their back but ofc theyre actually awake & fluff ensues :)

Author’s note: It’s so fluffy you’re gonna scream. Hopefully in a good way. ;) 

Castiel couldn’t sleep. He’d been tossing and turning for what felt like hours now, but he was still wide awake. Castiel’s bed was comfortable enough, that wasn’t the issue here. It was his troubled mind that was keeping him from sleep, and the beautiful boy sleeping beside Castiel was an essential part of the aforementioned trouble…

Dean and Castiel had often shared a bed during sleepovers ever since they were six years old, and even though they were sixteen now, neither of them saw the harm in still doing it. They were both used to it, and it wasn’t like Castiel’s best friend was a restless sleeper, or that Dean was in general a difficult person to share a bed with… It were Castiel’s own thoughts about his friend that were causing this insomnia.

An annoyed puff of breath fell from Castiel’s lips as he turned on his left side for the millionth time, facing Dean. Dean was sleeping on his stomach, hands holding on to the pillow, his cheek pressed into the smooth, blue fabric. His face was angled towards Castiel, and it was so tempting to just stare at that glorious face forever and ever.

The cute freckled nose and cheeks, the light brown hair that looked soft and fluffy without the usual amount of gel that Dean normally used to make sure that it stayed in place, and the slight smile that graced Dean’s plump lips even now that he was fast asleep.

Castiel sighed longingly. He hadn’t asked for this; to fall in love with his best friend. He’d seen more than enough of life to know how this would end… They would grow up, Dean would find a girl, marry her, and move on with his life. As he was supposed to.

Despite that knowledge, Castiel couldn’t imagine life without Dean. Couldn’t imagine that one day soon, it would be the last time they’d be together like this, so close yet so far away.

Dean mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep, and Castiel was hit by another wave of longing. It would be so easy to reach out and touch Dean. Castiel desperately wanted to run his fingers through that adorable hair that looked oh so inviting, but he knew he had no right.

It was a rather warm night, and the sheets were pooling around Dean’s waist, so that the smooth curve of his back was prettily exposed to Castiel, the thin fabric of Dean’s grey shirt making it easy for Castiel to imagine what was hiding underneath.

It reminded Castiel of a guessing game that the two of them used to play back when they were younger… One would write a word or a sentence on the other’s back by tracing the letters with a single finger, and the other would try to guess what was being written.

Castiel fondly smiled at the memory, then froze when he realized that he’d subconsciously reached out to Dean, his fingertips lightly grazing Dean’s upper back. A quick glance at Dean’s face told Castiel that Dean was still very much asleep, and he breathed in relief, letting his hand linger on Dean’s shoulder blade, even though he knew he should withdraw it…

Back in the day, they would write words like their favorite movies, or people they knew, or places they liked to go. But as it was, Castiel could only think of three simple words that he truly wanted to write to Dean…

Dean was by no means a light sleeper, and so Castiel went for it. He wrote the only words he’d ever want to tell Dean, even though he knew he never actually would be able to gather the courage to do it while Dean was awake. The only words that mattered. The words that he would never dare to speak out loud, not even if he lived to be a hundred years.

He slowly traced the letters I L O V E Y O U, over and over again, his fingers moving automatically, as if they’d already memorized the familiar path.

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Couples Knitting

A/N:For the lovely whelvenwings who’s celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday, doll! — AU ~3,300k; in which Dean discovers knitting isn’t all that terrible. (Based off of this gross picture.)

"Couples Knitting? Sammy, what the hell is Couples Knitting?”

It’s early Sunday afternoon and Dean’s seated at the bar in Sam’s big ass house with a mouth full of pancakes that Jess made. It’s their tradition, Dean joins the happy couple for free food once a week, and Sam gushes to Dean about his perfect, apple pie life complete with a successful law firm, one beautiful wife, and a baby on the way. It’s the best part of Dean’s week, usually, until things like Couples Knitting are mentioned.

"Keep your voice down, Dean, geez."

"Please tell me it isn’t what I think it is," Dean continues, ignoring Sam’s request. He washes his bite of pancakes down with coffee and stares at his brother expectantly.

"It’s probably exactly what you think it is, Dean. It’s Couples Knitting; me and Jess together, in a class, learning how to knit. She wants to make the baby a blanket before it’s born."

"So you need to learn how to knit why?"

Sam shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know she just wants to do it together; as a married couple, I don’t see anything wrong with Couples Knitting.”

Dean shakes his head and reaches across the counter, pulling a few strips of bacon off of a plate and popping one into his mouth. “That’s the problem, Sammy. You don’t see anything wrong with it. Take my advice, if you want whatever’s left of your manhood to stay intact, you will not go to that class.”

"Right," Sam says with a huff, "Because I should definitely be taking advice from the single guy who’s ‘between partners at the moment’. Maybe you should go to Couples Knitting.”

Dean waves Sam’s comment off with a hand in the air. His life is awesome, thank you very much, he doesn’t need couples anything.

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Opal in 7. I am genuinely curious to see how this comes out.



[Wardrobe art meme]

This is gonna be the last ask I will answer for the wardrobe meme as of now until I decided to try out the meme again.

Let’s just say that Opal and Steven finished this really tough mission early in the morning and while they wait for Garnet to come back ever she was at, they had breakfast together. 


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