Imagine Person A of your OTP takes a lot of pictures, and gets their significant other, Person B, to pose in front of places. One day they get down like they’re about to take a low shot, but when they reach into their camera bag they pull out a ring box and propose.

The feels are so strong RN I can’t
Oh god why did I even bring this back?!

Imagine Person A is a popular idol and Person B is their young and handsome manager, who had been good friends with Person A even before their debut. One night, right before a gig, Person A calls Person B into their dressing room and confesses their love for them, as well as admitting that all of the love songs they sing are meant for Person B. They then quickly kiss Person B on the lips just moments before going out to perform.

Domestic johnlock ❤️❤️❤️ John in his chair reading the paper while sherlock sprawls out on the couch thinking; sherlock curling into John’s side while John types up a blog entry, muttering about how John isn’t doing the case justice and how he’s romanticizing everything; John smoothing back sherlock’s curls and pressing a kiss to sherlock’s forehead in the morning before handing him a cup of coffee and a slice of toast; just John and sherlock being sleepy and cuddly and happy together ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Imagine that there’s an awfully hot day and Person A is moody because of it, so Person A prepares some ice tea, and puts an ice cube in Person’s B shirt as a joke, but then Person B starts making all these noises that A finds sensual and Person A gets horny.
What happens later is up to you.

The soft fluttering of eyelashes against the bare skin of Castiel’s chest, alerted him that the sleeping human that was curled up against his side was about to wake up. Dean’s breathing became noticeably uneven and less deep, and he incoherently mumbled some words into Castiel’s skin.

“Good morning, Dean.” Castiel smiled to himself as he greeted the sleepy Winchester. 

“Morning, Cas…” Dean replied groggily. “It’s morning already?” He grumbled, looking up at Cas with narrowed eyes. 

“I’m afraid so.” Castiel confirmed in an apologetic tone. 

Dean groaned, making his displeasure known, but otherwise he didn’t talk.

Castiel was used to it. He knew the drill; Dean was not much of a morning person, and he usually needed some time to properly wake up. Castiel always gave him that time, and he knew Dean appreciated it. 

Dean’s fingertips were doodling patterns on Castiel’s chest, then moved lower, brushing against Cas’ ribs. Suddenly, those fingertips stilled. 

“What’s this, Cas?”

Curious green eyes were peeking up at Castiel as Dean lightly tapped his fingers against Castiel’s tattoo. Castiel’s stomach tightened. He’d hoped Dean wouldn’t notice, but of course he should’ve taken into account how perceptive the oldest Winchester was.

Regardless, Castiel decided to play dumb.

“You know that, Dean. I explained it to you, those are Enochian sigils that will keep other angels from finding me.” 

When Dean snorted and threw Castiel his infamous ‘you’re-so-full-of-shit’ look, Castiel knew that he was busted. 

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it. Those last two words on the bottom, they weren’t there before.” Dean pointed out relentlessly. “So what are they? What do they mean?”

Castiel sighed, his eyes holding Dean’s. 

“Well? No more secrets, ever again. You promised.” Dean reminded him.

The pleading look on Dean’s freckled face provided Castiel with enough strength to confess the truth.

“It’s…. It’s your name. It says Dean Winchester.” Castiel admitted, not sure how Dean would take it. 

Dean’s eyes turned wide, his jaw going slack. His gaze briefly flickered to the dark ink that painted Castiel’s skin. 

“Please don’t be offended. It’s just that the warding sigils remind me of where I came from and of who I was… But I also wanted a reminder of who I am, and of what matters most to me now.” 

Castiel held his breath as he waited for Dean to say something, anything. 

Dean didn’t disappoint. All he muttered was a quiet “Shit, Cas” before he climbed right on top of Castiel, emerald eyes suddenly bright and awake. Less than a second later, and Dean was kissing Castiel senseless. 

If Castiel had known that this would be Dean’s reaction, he would have told Dean about the little addition to his tattoo way, way earlier…

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