Smash demo impressions nobody cares about now that the public demo is out


  • i swear he hits just a little harder and his moves are just a little faster (especially his air forward+A), though i could be wrong since i haven’t fired up Brawl in a while
  • FLUDD feels like it has more force behind it and isn’t quite the disappointing waste of a moveslot it was in Brawl


  • early candidate for Most Improved Smash Character
  • seriously his new running A hits so much harder than you’d expect
  • i swear the spin attack got a buff too
  • overall he feels like his attacks justify his somewhat heavy weight class now
  • i find myself playing him more often than Mario and Mario’s been one of my go-to characters since 64


  • Pikachu may have been my 64 main but i haven’t played him much since then, so i don’t feel that qualified to talk about changes here
  • i do notice Thunder penetrates thin platforms now, though (the ones you can tap down to fall through), and i’m pretty sure it didn’t in Brawl


  • i’m terrible with them, full disclosure
  • kind of an oddball, really
  • forward smash hits like a truck but has next to no horizontal range, but since it drops straight down off ledges if you’re on the edge i could see this being a fun way to fuck with people trying to recover
  • down smash does no damage but traps opponents, too bad level 9 CPUs can break out of it instantly
  • i might suck at playing Villager but i could see someone being an absolute monster with them
  • Villager’s final smash should have been a beehive plopping onto the middle of the stage and bees ruining everyone’s shit


  • that’s really all there to say on the matter but i’ll keep going
  • kind of like Snake in Brawl, tilts feel like smashes and smashes feel like special movies
  • EXCEPT HE HAS NO FORWARD TILT because his neutral A is the mega buster, so instead of a forward tilt he just runs forward while firing, so old school i love it
  • and of course his smash is the charge shot
  • his up tilt is a shoryuken and it hits so hard, that and the charged buster are your kill shots, maybe his air down+A too but i can never seem to hit anything with it
  • his air up+A can push people over the top of the stage if you do it right
  • level 9 CPUs are too damn good at evading crash bombs

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