anonymous said:

fc and opinions for bubblegumhh, flowoah, lustelle, babyypink, and xbubblecum?

bubblegumhh: 2k, great url and banner, cute posts, i like everything but i wish there was a music player

flowoah: 3k, great url and posts, the banner is super cute, but autoplay needs to be turned off and maybe she can add popups

lustelle: 3k, im always getting asked about her, i like the url and banner,posts are great, but her network badges should all be on one line

babyypink: 1k, i like the banner its cute, i think there should be a music player, and the falling roses are more more rosy blogs not bubblegum

xbubblecum: 1k, again, i think the falling roses shouldnt be on there since its a bubblegum blog,but i like the banner and posts, her blog look really plain though, she should add a music player and hover tab

flowoah said:

whoops i just woke up and i saw you got a hate message. just thougt i'd let you know that i think you a nice person and your blog is perf. don't mind them! x

awh thank you so much my dear <3