Escobaria abdita 

This beautiful cactus is a species that was just described in 2011 under the name of Escobaria abdita (Cactaceae). The species occurs in the Mexican state of Coahuila, and differs from similar and related species substantially by its crest-like arrangement of chalk-white, short, finger-like spines, which are four-layered in cross-section, and by rather small whitish flowers with light pink stripes on the tepals. Its fruits soon dry up into a parchment-like structure. 

The habitat ecology is very special, as plants grow in temporarily flooded depressions, immersed in the loamy soil practically throughout the year.

According to the authors of the species, its name corresponds to the Latin word “abdita, abditus" which means hidden, secret, referring to life literally hidden in this species.

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Photo credit: ©jeffs bulbesetpots | Locality: not indicated (2014)