stay-a-whilexo asked:

Can you do a professor/student prompt?? Pleeeease.

"Mr. Castle, wait."

He pauses on his way out the door of her classroom, turning on his heel with a sly smile on his face. He’s always the last to leave, mostly because the group of college kids tend to jump from their seats the moment the professor releases them for the day while he takes his time to exit the classroom. At least, that’s what he tells himself. It’s not because the twenty somethings are all faster than his forty year old self. Not at all. But he doesn’t mind being the last student out the door.

He likes to linger.

"Finally asking me to stay after class, Professor Beckett?"

Kate rolls her eyes and points her pen towards the chair next to her desk.

"Close the door and sit."

Rick happily obliges, easing her classroom door shut and trotting over to her desk. 

"You’re struggling," she murmurs, handing him his most recent test. He frowns at the countless number of red markings adorning the paper, the brief but explanatory notes written in her neat handwriting. This is the second exam he’s failed in the last month and he knows she’s not happy about it, but he’s not too concerned.

"As much as I would like a good grade, I’m not actually here to pass, Kate. I just want to learn more about the Russian culture for my writing," he reminds her, attempting to hand the paper back, but she purses her lips.

"Mr. Castle, I pride myself on passing most - if not all - of my students every semester, regardless of their true purpose for attendance," she tells him with a narrowed gaze that automatically warms his blood. "So, I don’t care if you’re here for Derrick Storm, you’re passing for me."

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