For the ones who do not live in the Netherlands, Flow&Co are a rap formation from my country and are very good friends of mine as well. We all are in the same team we like to call ‘Kibbelayng’. Recently they won Holland’s biggest contest when it comes to rap music which off course gave them a big lift in the dutch rap industry.

‘De Kibbelayng Tape’ will be released and free to download on April  9, 2013. The tape contains the unique refreshing sound they are known for, with influences of hiphop, trap, bass, dubstep and anything that inspires these young bloods. Also it contains several productions by myself, LAZA.

Finally it’s here. “De Kibbelayng Tape” by Flow&CO  was officially released today Three pm, dutch time. The tape contains three productions by LAZA so go ‘head, bang ‘em through your speakers and smoke one to this, pour out your best liquor and celebrate with us.

For the ones in the Netherlands. The release party will be friday, april 9, at Burgerweeshuis, Deventer.

You can read the original article and download the full tape right here: 

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