SS14 Trend - Monochrome

I’ve done my own research into this year’s spring/summer collection and what the current trends are for the fashion world, and I can tell you that I died a little looking through them all. From monochrome, head to toe pastels and tribal print to huge 3D floral prints and sport luxe, spring/summer couldn’t get any more explosive.

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anonymous said:

Why don't you follow tropical accounts it says you change your theme in your account but then your following crxzee.. This may be anonymous but crxzee is my best friend and I'm a tropical account... Caught :)

Actually, i’m not “caught”. I have a right to who I want to follow, go on and unfollow me, but the reason I followed crxzee was because she asked very nicely and she’s not only a tropical blog, she reblogs tons of other things as well.

I will limit myself to who I follow because I only follow about 40 blogs and I don’t want my dashboard cluttered with things that I don’t like/would never reblog.

I am terribly sorry that I don’t want to follow tropical blogs when my blog style is fashion. I terribly sorry that I don’t want to see tons of different fruits and palm trees and the ocean on my dashboard, it just doesn’t fit, and I don’t particularly like the style in the first place because i’m not a beachy person. 

So, again, terribly sorry that you have to hide behind an anonymous message to get what you want :-) If you really wanted me to follow your tropical blog, you could have just said so and I would have been happy to follow you! 

Also, you stated that I change my theme a lot. My description in my sidebar does say that I change my theme a lot not my style.I change my ‘theme’ as in my html code a lot, ask anybody!

So, thank you for your incredibly wrong input on who or what I follow and what I do with my blog, but please, next time, just ask again. :-)