*excuse my shitty photo* So in celebration of Hyoyeon's and I (last week) birthday and over the years I've spent as kpopismylover > yeonsica > jessicajuns on this website I'd like to thank you guys so I made a follow forever to thank you guys for being awesome, if i missed anyone i'm so sorry but ily and yeah THANKS MAN!

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when you get this, you must publicly post something nice about at least 5 different people you follow, then copy and paste this in each of their ask boxes. check out my blog to see what i wrote about you!

(re your nice words!: thank you so much for your kind words TT_____TT i was really touched! ♥♥ i’m honestly not all that great like how you described me ahhh… i hope i won’t disappoint you!! /hugs)

nicole: i can only say good things about nicole tbh ;; she’s so lovely and makes SOOOOO many pretty things!! also her blog just looks perfect ~ i miss you a lot nicole :( i miss your edits and miss seeing you on twitter too!! i hope everything’s going well with your life and you are not too exhausted! eat well and stay healthy!! and ofc ❤ come back soon ~

amoon: amoooon is the leader of the sunyeon ship!! i’m her huge admirer! thanks to her dandyuism was made and our fave snsd ship is blooming so well ;; ❤ she’s a senpai and a picspam expert! my dash never lacks of snsd, because of her!!

ari: EXCUSE ME FOR CALLING YOU BY YOUR NAME MY BELOVED SENPAI. all i can say is that her blog is 100000% quality ❤___❤ i envy her ps skills sooooo much! i wish i could steal them.

lizzie: she’s the definiton of: PERFECTION. she has all ~ pretty blog. pretty edits. pretty personality pretty BRAIN. pretty amazing huh? hahaha ❤ 

minnie: minnie is a real cutie ;___; she’s honestly so sweet and nice! woah i was really surprised when she followed me back ~ and i was blown away by her BEAUTIFUL graphics! truly inspiring! thank you for always making my dash look pretty with your edits ❤

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: aah such a lovely blog! It’s definitely worth following. Her posts are these pretty pictures which aesthetics blogs adore, but I think the whole outlook of her blog matches her URL perfectly. Even her Photoshop works. The whole way down, as you scroll, matches her URL so well. I can’t put it that well in words unfortunately. Overall, it’s flawless. Yes.

Quando não tinha nada eu quis
Quando tudo era ausência esperei
Quando tive frio tremi
Quando tive coragem liguei
Quando chegou carta abri
Quando ouvi Prince dancei
Quando o olho brilhou, entendi
Quando criei asas, voei
Quando me chamou eu vim
Quando dei por mim tava aqui
Quando lhe achei, me perdi
Quando vi você, me apaixonei. #BoaTarde #SãoPaulo 💜 (em Maison Florense Hotel)