You could ask me, “what is one of your biggest life time struggles you have to deal with on a constant basis?”

And my honest answer would be,

Internal conflict w/ eating or not after I’ve brushed my teeth n in bed


Holding in my pee until tomorrow morning cos I’ve found my comfy place to sleep


Organising my wardrobe by colour/season, ending up as a floordrobe in two days

Such struggle much realness so sadness

I did it, I did it, I fucking did it!!

I cleaned my desk.  Not just the desktop, the underneath area as well.  And now I have a place to study when school starts, and a new planner and new pens, and everything can be found easily… It’s not perfect, but it is so much better than it was even an hour ago, when I decided that I would do a 20/done.  

It’s the only clean spot in my room that is approaching Hoarders levels of disgustingness, but it is a start.  My goal is to keep it clean for the rest of the semester, and slowly clean the rest of my room as well.  I think that a lot of my room will get better once I start on my capsule wardrobe and don’t have as many clothes lying around on my floordrobe.  Tentative goal is to be able to see my floor/move my furniture around by the end of September.

 It feels kind of dumb saying that, because it is over a month away, but I have to balance depression/anxiety/family issues with working full time, going to school, and being on a rescue squad which means that I could be called out at any time.  

Okay, time to shower and get ready for tomorrow, which starts at 5:15 in the morning.  I have a lot of things that I want to do tomorrow, but I know that I’ll be okay if only some of them get done, and I know which ones need to be done.  So that’s a step in the right direction.  I think. 

accidentally posted this to my main blog and about had a heart attack getting it deleted so no one would see. 

anonymous said:

can we see the photo you sent?

Hm okay. But I am posting a TW with it and under a read more, because I do not want to be responsible for upsetting anyone else tonight. 

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Still amazed at how far I’ve come since May.
I bought these shorts maybe about 10 months ago, and they were super super tight, and now look at them!
Just slightly under my half way goal and I’m really excited to see the end result!

Excuse the floordrobe

Student living directly from the BBC

75% of student houses ming beyond repair, with the exception of all girl houses. Living in a shared house really exposes who has a clue about living like a human, and who is used to having everything done for them.

With the rest of the communal areas take turns or do it together. Girls tend to be cleaner to live with so an all girl house makes for a clean one, but a mixed house often works well.”

I am a guy living with two girls in a shared house. My room is spotless fresh and organized theirs are unorganized, dirty plate covered floordrobes. I wash up all my dishes as I use them and place back in the cupboards. They leave them for ages and don’t put them away. I do 90% of all housework they do 5% each.

BBC stop being sexist, just because they are girls doesn’t mean they care if the house is clean or not .I’ve never known anyone to be as messy as they are. I however am cursed with the evidence they don’t.

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Whats your name? Jessica (or Jess. Or Jess Mess. Depending on who you are)

When’s your birthday? October 12th. I turn 24 in just over a month 😱.

Where are you from? Down Undah. Specifically the Northern Beaches of Sydney)

Do you have a crush? I do. And I’m lucky enough to be able to kiss him whenever I want 😍

What’s your favorite colour? Red (it’s actually pink but shhh 😳)


Favorite numbers? I don’t really have any. I’ve never believed in lucky numbers. But I guess 13 has been kind to me. Not in an “oh I’ll pick 13 because it’s unlucky and lol irony” kind of way.

Favourite drink? I’ll be boring and say sparking water. Or hot water. Gosh I’m boring.

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Floordrobes are a pain in the ass when you have a small room and no time to clean. This morning I was literally jumping from the bed through the door // Found the coolest hoodie at Spitalfields this afternoon (it’s baggier than it looks). I also learn that the cleaning products we have at work are pretty much all the ingredients one would need to make high quality crystal meth and got a very detailed explanation of how to do it. I have the funniest co-workers ever.