This time around, it took me three 20-10s to return my room to a livable state after not doing my weekend pickup for a good month. Before pictures taken after i stripped my bedsheets and picked up some of my floordrobe. I always say I’m not going to let it get that bad, and yet somehow it still happens.

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Things/habits that the swimboys+kisumi's gf do that the boys are annoyed by?

Haruka: Her “floordrobe”.

Makoto: She never makes her bed.

Nagisa: She steals the covers at night.

Rei: She answers rhetorical questions, usually with “I don’t know.”

Rin: None of her DVDs are in their correct cases.

Sousuke: She can never decide where they should get dinner.

Aiichirou: She never replaces the toilet paper roll.

Seijuurou: She claims to be watching a movie and reading a book at the same time.

Momotarou: The insane amount of hair that she sheds.

Kisumi: The random water bottles of varying fullness that she sets down and forgets.

Need to be heading to work.

Struggling to keep down anti-nausea meds.

Contemplating staying home all day and folding laundry before people come over and comment on the floordrobe.

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Purple: 10 facts about my room.

1) it is, funnily enough, PURPLE. Cause it’s my favourite colour.

2) I spent far too much time rearranging it a couple of weeks ago because I got new chest of drawers and wardrobe. I owned too many clothes to fit in my old ones … Ooops

3) Before the new furniture I had no qualms in implementing the “floordrobe”

4) I sleep with 5 pillows in a single bed. Sometimes I’m amazed how i fit in it.

5) There are a lot of candle in here and before we got the new kitten I’d light them most nights for a couple of hours to relax.

6) There are currently only 2 things on my walls: A collage of the first group of internet friends I met up with in 2007 and a little plaque that says “I’d give up chocolate but I’m no quitter!”.

7) When we moved all my furniture we realised that my radiator wasn’t working and probably hasn’t been for quite some time. This would explain why I froze my ass off at night last winter!

8) I’m 23 but I still have glow in the dark stars and ducks stuck to my ceiling.

9) I haven’t had a lampshade in forever because I STILL can’t find one that I a) like or b) matches the shades of purple in my room.

10) If you’re looking for one or both of the cats they are most likely asleep in here. Tilly’s spot is on my pillows and Lola’s at the foot of the bed.

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Yesterday my early birthday&christmas present from one of my best friends ever came in the post. He insisted on me having it early seen as he doesn’t celebrate Christmas & wanted to thank me for being such a good friend to him all this time! Joo’s been my rock through uni and really helped me the most when my heads not been in the right places & I know I’ve been there for him just as much! However, to get given a replica of one of my favourite ever pieces of design was more than I expected for sure! SO grateful & I love my best friends more than anything! #MatesAreGreat #eames #eamesLCW #chairs #for #days #ignore #the #floordrobe #hhkkhhunnayyyyyddd #my #sweet #indian #prince #GuysWithAmazingBestFriends #oldelpaso