Favorite Rumbelle Moment 21:

This is a bit of a floof family moment (pretty much the ultimate moment). But I think how Belle treats Neal, shows how much she loves Rumple. She welcomes him with open arms (literally).

Reminder: this is their first real meeting and they already look like a family. Look in the last GIF how they smile at each other. They aren’t awkward or anything, they are sharing a family hug!


a random lil sheep faunus lady i drew on a whim, i actually really like her ; v ;

(the floofs on her swords are hiding taser prongs, activated by the triggers on the handles there)

windayy made me do a thing

  • Name: Zoë
  • Nickname: Huski, Holoska, Hooski
  • Birthday: 9th of October
  • Gender: Cis Female (she/her/hers)
  • Sexuality: Asexual
  • Height: …honestly I never remember but I think it’s somewhere between 160 - 170cm
  • Time and Date where I am: 19th of September, 7:09pm
  • Average hours of sleep: 8
  • OTPs: SonAmy, Shadouge, Silvaze, Sonuckles
  • Last thing I googled: Probably the spelling of something idk
  • First word that comes to mind: Floof (there are werehogs on my dash)
  • What I last said to family members: “Can I do my dinner yet”
  • One place that makes me happy and why: Home I guess? Kind of a generic answer but I am always safe there
  • How many Blankets slept under: 1
  • Favourite Beverage: I drink nothing but water
  • The last movie seen in a cinema: The Lego Movie
  • Three things I can’t live without: My mum, internet access and something to draw on
  • Something I plan on learning: How to use Paint Tool SAI when I get a new computer
  • You have to listen to this song: Any of Knuckles’ SA2 level themes
  • Tag 5 people: milesthefox, flameeliwood, shutupfaker, radicalruster, officialsegaofamerica (don’t feel obligated to do this ‘kay)

tagged by folkantihero for the “5 hottest pictures of yourself” thing and im not sticking my tongue out in a single one of them which feels wrong but what can ya do [shrugs]

im tagging euhhh jubilatio, anarchistaliendromina, barbaricyip, alexandrakollontai

Mr Adorable

Had him for just on a week now and this morning we reached the trying-to-sleep-on-my-head-while-purring-loudly-directly-in-to-my-ear stage. I’m thrilled to bits he’s so comfortable with me, but srsly…?  :)


KittenKong was a more-or-less sedate elderly lady cat so I’ve forgotten just how boisterous young ones can be. Example: the other night I was wifiing on my phone in bed, as you do, when the lights went out. Oh noes, blackout? Nope, just Mr Anerable rampaging amongst the cables and knocking something loose.


But look at that floof!


I get asked almost all the time - do Corgis shed?

My exact response to it is, aw, only twice a year… January through June, and then June through December.

If you don’t like dog hair as a condiment or a fashion statement, don’t get a Corgi, folks. ;)

… this is what a spring shed bath day looks like at my place. There’s so much hair my yard looks like it’s turned into a werecorgi. ;)