Apple has just approved Version 2 of Flipstacks.

One Part Scissors is very excited about Version 2 of Flipstacks; it has brighter, more fun graphics, with more Game Centre achievements.

Fantastic news for our South African followers is that we have launched a South African version of Flipstacks for the South African market, called Flipstacks ZA. The reason there is a world version of Flipstacks as well as a South African version is due to the fact that the South African iTunes App Store does not feature a Games category - South African censorship means that the Games category is hidden from South African customers. Therefore, we have published Flipstacks ZA in the Entertainment and Education categories.

Download Flipstacks or Flipstacks ZA today!

(via Flipstacks Version 2 | Flipstacks - The game that flips your play upside down!)

Flipstacks on sale now!

We’re thrilled to announce that Flipstacks version 1 has just been approved, and is on sale worldwide* in the App Store!

The game is awesome for casual gaming - play a bit of Flipstacks while you’re waiting in line, or have a few minutes to kill.

The idea behind the game is to memorize the stacker tiles presented, flip your iPhone (or iPad) over, and flip it back to recall their positions. The bottom area shows you the “question” - the order in which you need to tap the tiles to recall them.

We’d love your feedback on the game, how we can improve - we have loads of ideas already, but we’d love to hear from you. Please send us your feedback here, or even better, submit a review to the iTunes App Store.

* For South African users, we have submitted the game to the South African App Store under the entertainment category, and will advise when it is live - South Africa maintains their own set of age restriction stanards, and has therefore blocked Apple from providing South Africans access to the Games category. We will maintain a South African version of the game in the Entertainment category. Click here if you’d like to be notified when the SA version is on sale.