Oh noes! You got a random ask from Ruthie! In the movie of your life, who would play you?


Well thank you for sending an ask! I never get them!!!! 


Okay, so onto the question, I would think maybe Jennifer Lawrence (although she is WAY prettier than me). She is totally my spirit animal in every way.


Or Shailene Woodley, she seems to be getting all the roles in my favorite books becoming movies thing (TFIOS and Divergent), maybe she would make a great me? Maybe…….


I can do better than give you five…


pretzelcrotch said:

Hi, I am jumping up and down with joy right now because I just got the temporary tattoo!! I am squealing an waking up everybody that is asleep in the house! I also love the card! I have sparkles all over me and my house! It came just in time too! Thank you!! You are the best and soooo perfect!

No problem, I’m glad it got to you in time. Have a very merry Christmas :)

Me helping my sister with math
  • Tori:How do you find the slope of a line? Is it the first y1 minus y2 over x1 minus x2? Or is it y=mx+b? But that's how you find the equation of a line...
  • Me:Why do you need to know this right now?
  • Tori:Because I have my math midterms tomorrow and it's going to be on it!
  • Me:It'll come to you tomorrow. Just look at your notes or something.
  • Tori:But I need to know it!
  • Me:See, this why we're hunters! The only math we need to know is that if I gank one demon now and then gank four more later, I ganked 5 demons and we have a problem with the salt barriers in our house.
  • Tori:...
  • Tori:What?
My sister is texting me when she needs to go to bed

Tori: What if we are all living inside Benedict Cumberbatch’s eye? ANd the day and night is him blinking and time feels like 24 hours in a day but actually a second that’s where they get the expression “time flies by” and we are all dancing on his cornea

Tori: *sends me pictures of his pretty eyes* I’m proud to call this my home

Tori: I expect this and my doctor pandorica theories to be on Tumblr my tomorrow morning and bring them to my desk at lunch time, that is an order soldier.

So, my sister gave me a bag of salt to protect my room from demons and stuff because you never know. Well, it turns out that the dorm is haunted by the ghost of a girl who died here and we haven’t had any problems with the ghost and we think it’s the salt. Good call, Tori, we’re safe from the ghost because of you!