dontperishyet asked:

Hey To. Hmm, maybe kinda personal question so if you don't want to answer, that is fine. But how do you deal with the feelings of inadequacy? Recently I've been bringing myself down since there are so many popular and good fanfic writers out there, and I'm not happy with where I am now. But, I keep writing because I love it. I try to just tell myself "it's fine, you like it so do it for you. If there is even one reader out there, that is fine". I was wondering if you ever felt like that?

omg this will get a bit longer…

i think it’s okay to want recognition for the things you do?
of course you’re doing it for yourself. BUT you want to share your ideas, you want to get feedback, too. “it’s okay if i only have one reader” is it really? maybe try to think “what could i do to reach more readers”.
set your goals and then… work hard.

comparison is the most toxic thing ever omg i hate these thoughts. i have them, too. not very often anymore, but i have them. it’s so useless especially for artists and writers. because there’s no real value…? nothing to set against.
but it’s something that can’t be helped, i guess.

i try to remember this whenever i feel a bit down:
let’s say an artist is posting drawings up here and every post has 20k+ notes. we’re just looking at the current end result. we don’t see the hard work behind it, can’t possibly know how much time they put into networks to make connections etc.
how many drawings did they upload until someone finally noticed them? and how much longer did it take for them to be where they are now?
how many fics has this popular writer deleted bc they felt it was too bad? how often did they cry? we don’t know.

things i do, too…
1. try to make peace with the people you’re jealous of
(don’t be mad at them for getting more recognition than you, try to shift your view, maybe even become their fan. if you can’t, moVE ON. they have nothing to do with YOUR work)

2. have idols completely out of your league
for example i’m super in love with GUSARI’s work. i’m getting butterflies in my stomach whenever i hold one of her doujinshi in my hands. i can stare at the pages for hours. luckily (and i think that’s the thing that helps me a lot) she has an art style i adore but i don’t want to draw like that myself. i just really enjoy and LOVE her work. 

so my goals are “to become as awesome as gusari in storytelling”, “to be able to make people feel all sorts of emotions while they look at my art”, “i want to draw handsome / hot / cute af characters”
see, these goals are a bit vague, i can just continue to do my thing. i can’t compare my work to her work aT ALL, that’s why it works.
she’s awesome, she’s a big ass motivation. i don’t want to be LIKE her, i just want to be on the same skill level

3. i want to be the best me i could be

4. have an artist / writer friend who constantly challenges you

but hmm, since i’m an artist i can just talk about artist experience. no idea how the writer world works tbh ;;

i just noticed that most writers tend to not get much feedback in general?? even if people loved their work. i don’t know why…
that’s why whenever i read fanfic (i don’t read a LOT but when i do) i try to leave kudos and a longer comment!! encouraging words help so much.

i think that’s a good thing to follow, too. give support, receive support.

but really you just said the most important thing already.

i think if you love the things you do, you have already won. bc you just can’t stop doing it. and if you keep writing, always trying to get better, sooner or later people WILL come to you. pretty sure about it.