Snappers don’t fly naturally; their wings are vestigial and much too small. That being said, skilled Arcane snappers have been known to levitate themselves when needed - albeit only for a short while and just a few feet off the ground. Lightning snappers scoff at this small magical feat. Lightning Flight has invented snapper-approved JETPACKS, and they go FAST.


(pixel flight gods (both versions) credit to KelSevi, as they were the only set of flags and gods that I found together)

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Earth dragons are led by the Earthshaker, and live in Dragonhome. Their eggs look like geodes in a crater, and any hatchlings born there have brown eyes. Dragonhome contains four regions; The Shattered Plain, Greatwyrm’s Breach, Cairnstone Rest, and the Pillar of the World. Earth dragons are monument builders, and honor their ancestors. Gemstones are their preferred treasure. The Earth Flight currently has 2377 members. The resident dragons of Dragonhome are Snappers.

Plague dragons are led by the Plaguebringer, and live in the Scarred Wasteland. Their eggs look like green bubbles in a rotting carcass, and any hatchlings born there have red eyes. The Scarred Wasteland contains four regions; The Wandering Contagion, the Abiding Boneyard, Rotrock Rim and the Wyrmwound. Plague dragons strive to be as strong and adaptable as the plague they spread. The bones and armor of their foes are their preferred treasure. The Plague Flight currently has 7983 members. The resident dragons of the Scarred Wasteland are Mirrors.

Wind dragons are led by the Windsinger, and live in the Windswept Plateau. Their eggs are pale green with darker green swirls in a grassy dip, and any hatchlings born there have pale green eyes. The Windswept Plateau contains four regions; Zephyr Steppes, Reedcleft Ascent, the Twisting Crescendo and the Cloudsong. Wind dragons are wanderers and explorers. Maps, compasses and feathers are their preferred treasure. The Wind Flight currently has 10192 members. The resident dragons of the Windswept Plateau are Spirals.

Water dragons are led by the Tidelord, and live in the Sea of a Thousand Currents. Their eggs are pale blue and covered in barnacles and coral in an underwater vent, and any hatchlings born there have blue eyes. The Sea of a Thousand Currents contains four regions; Tsunami Flats, Fishspine Reef, Leviathan Trench and the Spiral Keep. Water dragons are the most mysterious, as they can occasionally predict the future. Shells and magic orbs are their preferred treasure. The Water Flight currently has 5120 members. The resident dragons of the Sea of a Thousand Currents are Guardians.

Lightning dragons are led by the Stormcatcher, and live in the Shifting Expanse. Their eggs are small blue orbs that crackle with electricity among piles of cable, and any hatchlings born there have teal eyes. The Shifting Expanse contains four regions; Highland Scrub, Carrion Canyon, the Lightning Farm and Tempest Spire. Lightning dragons are inventive and ambitious. Wire, tools and reactors are their preferred treasure. The Lightning Flight currently has 8395 members. The resident dragons of the Windswept Plateau are Ridgebacks.

Ice dragons are led by the Icewarden, and live in the Southern Icefield. Their eggs look like pale blue gemstones in a snowy scrape, and any hatchlings born there have white eyes. The Southern Icefield contains four regions; Frigid Floes, Snowsquall Tundra, Cloudscrape Crags and the Fortress of Ends. Ice dragons are unemotional and analytic. Fossils and artifacts are their preferred treasure. The Ice Flight currently has 7534 members. The resident dragons of the Southern Icefield are Tundras.

Shadow dragons are led by the Shadowbinder, and live in the Tangled Wood. Their eggs have blue glowing spots on them inside a hollow tree stump, and any hatchlings born there have purple eyes. The Tangled Wood contains four regions; Driftwood Drag, Wispwillow Grove, Foxfire Bramble and Forum of the Obscured Crescent. Shadow dragons are fickle and love games. Game boards, tokens and pieces are their preferred treasure. The Shadow Flight currently has 9459 members. There are no resident dragons in the Tangled Wood.

Light dragons are led by the Lightweaver, and live in the Sunbeam Ruins. Their eggs are translucent and glow gently inside a small scrape, and any hatchlings born there have yellow eyes. The Sunbeam Ruins contains four regions; Sundial Terrace, Mirrorlight, Promenade, the Hewn City and the Beacon of the Radiant Eye. Light dragons are scholarly and logical. Scrolls and relics are their preferred treasure. The Light Flight currently has 6996 members. The resident dragons of the Sunbeam Ruins are Pearlcatchers and Imperials.

Arcane dragons are led by the Arcanist, and live in the Starfall Isles. Their eggs are purple and float surrounded by pink rings inside a crystal bowl, and any hatchlings born there have pink eyes. The Starfall Isles contains four regions; Crystalspine Reaches, Starwood Strand, Focal Point and the Observatory. Arcane dragons are curious yet oblivious. Meteors and runestones are their preferred treasure. The Light Flight currently has 10167 members. The resident dragons of the Starfall Isles are Fae.

Nature dragons are led by the Gladekeeper, and live in the Viridian Labyrinth. Their eggs look like seeds in a grassy space, and any hatchlings born there have dark green eyes. The Viridian Labyrinth contains four regions; Everbloom Gardens, the Gladeveins, Shrieking Wilds and the Behemoth. Nature dragons are nurturing but fierce. Seeds and flowers are their preferred treasure. The Nature Flight currently has 7697 members. The resident dragons of the Viridian Labyrinth are Wildclaws.

Fire dragons are led by the Flamecaller, and live in the Ashfall Waste. Their eggs look like fire-threaded stone in a pool of lava, and any hatchlings born there have orange eyes. The Ashfall Waste contains four regions; Emberglow Hearth, Molten Scar, Blacksand Annex and the Great Furnace. Fire dragons are temperamental and intense. Metal, weapons, statues and tools are their preferred treasure. The Fire Flight currently has 4974 members. The resident dragons of the Ashfall Waste are Coatls.

to many, gembond is either seen as a disease or a blessing or a curse, or just a chemical reaction on molting scales. However, the magically adept of all flights have ways to use this for their advantage. 

earth: Gembond is seen a blessing from the Earthshaker himself, that the dragon has great potential.

water: no opinions of gembond and no real magical davantage, but due to the tides water gems are the smoothest gems of any flight. However, due to the tides, there is so much salt on these gems that dragons have been known to eat them.

fire: gembond is seen as a gift, but not towards the dragon, but rather the clan. it signifies that there is a destiny for prestige in mining, smelting and other crafting. sadly the heat of the region often makes the gem lose shape and have a semi-molten interior, it is very painful for the dragon.

wind: gembond doesn’t affect their magic and they don’t have beliefs about it, but if you pass under wind territory it’s not uncommon to get hit by gems that were loosened and blew off because of the high wind speeds.

lightening: so many have tried to use gembond as a conductor. but hey at least it’s a needed component in some machinery they have so get to scraping them gems off.

shadow:  the more reflective your gems are, the more laughable. the more your gems resemble the glowing mushrooms, the better camoflauge. dragons with dark primary and secondary but cyan gems are often thought to be the land taking on a dragon shape to join in the fun. 

light: light dragons use their gems to create more reflections to intensify the light and channel their magic more properly. the more transparent the gems, the better.

ice: It is hard to tell wether it’s ice or actual gems, but the most magically skilled have turned their gems into unmelting ice. 

plague: gembond isn’t a disease here, but the gems are incredibly flaky and are known to stun, poison, or paralyze dragons who come into contact with the gems. with practice, a plague dragon can contract their wings fast enough to forcibly shed gem flakes on enemies.

nature: no real opinions, but if the dragon looks like a moving land mass with rocks and greens and flora, there’s a good chance they will be regarded as direct descendants of gladekeeper herself.

arcane: did you know arcane gembonds, if thrown hard enough, explode? it’s true! donate your body to Arcane Science today.

worst headcanon 2k14

shadow flight frequently has sick blacklight rave parties, lightning and arcane dragons show up with sick neon lights. everybody has hangovers afterwards

light flight has tea parties. nature has garden parties with them. they’re very polite and social affairs, albeit somewhat ruined by pearlcatcher snobbery

wind flight’s idea of a party is “get drunk, get impulsive, go on a journey”

ice flight doesn’t do parties, they’re miserable 100% of the time. earth flight doesn’t really have parties but they do have ceremonial readings of old literature, which is kinda close.

water flight has ritual scrying sessions but everyone walks out miserable because they saw bad things in the future, so they attempt to have parties afterwards. unfortunately all of their alcohol is ridiculously diluted because they live in the goddamn ocean

plague’s idea of a “party” is throwing dragons in the wyrmwound and laughing.

I don’t know how many people are aware of this, but WoW’s devs actually intended for Silvermoon City to be unnerving. Beautiful but there’s just something wrong with it that you can’t quite place. This is kinda how I imagine the Starfall Isles.

There’s all the floating crystals and vibrant colours, the trees bloom nebulae, the sky is stuck at dawn or dusk most of the time, the stars are always shining, there are meteor showers on the horizon… But it’s just not right. The oversaturated colours start to hurt your eyes after a while, you start getting dizzy because sometimes it’s hard to tell up from down, there are animals with too many eyes or too many limbs just watching you. Fallout streaks start to unnerve you, because they’re always circling above, not making a sound. The landscape shifts and changes so suddenly that you can wander in circles for days because you can’t find the path that you originally took. Sometimes it rains dead animals or bugs - because they levitate, right, and they have to die at some point.  You learn to stay far away from the craters where meteorites have fallen, because sometimes there are things in them, things you have no words to describe except terrifying.  Kaleidoscopes of fallout whispers aren’t as neat or pretty anymore, because you’ve seen them swarm corpses before, gathering in huge numbers to lick up the spilled mana and blood.

And if you’ve stayed long enough to notice all of these things, chances are good that you aren’t yourself anymore. The land will have twisted and warped you into something else, and you probably won’t even notice.