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AHHHH GUYS LOOK! Real comics! With my art on the covers!! They’re real! These are the DOCTOR WHO #1’s featuring Ten and Eleven that will be out very, very soon… thank you yet again to Titan Comics and BBC for the amazing project!

Oh, and I WILL be attending San Diego Comic Con this year, for the launch of these comics! I’ll be doing signings at Titan Booth #5537, as well as a panel on Saturday and an offsite event at Comickaze. Please visit my Facebook for the full schedule and locations!


yeah ok i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels really creepy about fr because even though its just a pet site, in the canon they are sentient beings and i just feel like a total creepy dragon pimp or something, pairing up and breeding all these persons. at the moment my clan consists of a brood mother, her daughter and their hatchling concubines. we await the day they grow old enough to mate. it’s so WEIRD


They weren’t even looking for a mystery that day. They’d stopped the van for dinner and decided to stay a while and relax. None of them expected to run into dangerous creatures that were just waiting for Arthur and Vivi to take a walk and leave the protective light of the van.


Captain America 2: Winter Soldier’s Falcon’s wings vs. Leonardo da Vinci’s eerily similar designed wings from over 500 years ago. 

The biggest difference is that Falcon’s are made of medal and use jets for thrust. Leonardo designed his out of wood and for them to flap to create lift, or to be powered by pedals. (He made many different designs)  Also they were inspired from the wing of a bat and not a bird.

"I have always felt it is my destiny to build a machine that would allow man to fly." - Leonardo da Vinci