The Arrival (Intro)

They will say you don’t belong.
They will assume you don’t relate.
They will underline your wrongs.
They will expect you to be late.
You are special.
Your talent pours from your pores, your foot steps and directions that are both certainly correct and your absolutely unsure.
Those cold lonely dark hallways called “What If”. Yea those are around. But if you don’t back down you unlock that door to warm hearts and dope situations in a room full of us called “What Now”.
You wake up, you win.
You try, you win.
You fail, you still win.
Long as your alive, cause if you die what then?
They will tell you, you only live once and that’s true.
But if you live correct and inspire him, that’s two.
And she? That’s three
Four and more
Five, strive
Create your dream, that creates your team, that creates your steam.
Till your hot, you naw mean?
The arrival

Unexpected Arrival - Diggy Simmons 3.20.12


Flight 320: Part 1 ===> Black Noize talks Whitney Houston, being an artist, music and gives a small preview of Flight 320: The Mayvember EP!!!!!

Unexpected Arrival is so AMAZING !

I’m so proud of Diggy like OMG he is so talented ! I can see him going really far in the music industry. My favorite songs off the album are 4 Letter Word, Unforgivable Blackness, 88, and of course Do It Like You. 

Now that I think about it, I LOVE EVERY song on the album.

Unexpected Arrival is just so … nidsjvikjujlq. 

Flight 320 <3


Me in the studio having fun…..andddddddd ANOTHER preview from Flight 320: The Mayvember EP!!!!