Dragon mouths! With elemental variations!

  • Ice dragons have little to no saliva, and their breath is constantly freezing. They have ice flowers on their gums and lips and teeth that don’t crack even when under extreme cold.
  • Shadow dragons are goopy, like their deity. They have dark gums, flashy white teeth, and can produce gross, black drool and slobber all over the place. It’s disgusting.
  • Arcane dragons, much like their native lands, are made of what the fuck no. They tend to mutate and get a bunch extra teeth in unintentional places, including floating around because being made of wild, uncontrolled magical energy apparently isn’t scary enough.
  • me yesterday:*looks at every dragon* no, you're not fit for my hard-earned dragon money. my lair space is precious and i maintain only the highest standards in deciding who will live under the Snapdragon umbrella, gotta keep my brand pristine
  • me today:*175 tabs open* you look like a cheeto i wanna buy you

THINKING ABOUT DRAGON TEETH and mouths because I’ve been on a teeth kick recently, bear with me.
I figured different elemental dragons would not only have different eye colors but also generally different uh. Things. Like organs and whatnot, INCLUDING MOUTHS because come on we have a deity that literally drools black goop. Plus, if they’re to use elemental attacks they need to be able to spit fire or water or ice without their teeth cracking.

Fire dragons have black, leathery gums and tongues that can take very high temperatures, as well as tough, yellow teeth. Their body temperature is generally pretty high per default and they tend to breathe smoke and drool lava when they’re angry or pissed.
Shadow dragons also have black gums, but glossy, and can drool black, shadowy goop like their deity. They like to freak others out with it. Their teeth are suspiciously white.
Ice dragon have light gums and white teeth and tend to have icicles and frost flowers on their tongues. They always breathe little puffs of white breath, like you do when the temperatures drop.
Plague dragons have gross bacteria all over their mouths, much like komodo dragons, and getting bitten by one risks you serious infections. Just don’t get anywhere near a plague mouth, seriously. It’s gross.
Light dragons have ridiculously pristine dental health. Ever imagined a dragon flossing? Yeah, light ones do that. Arrogant prats.
Nature probably also have perfect teeth. Or maybe not, maybe they’re somehwere in between plague and light. Maybe they’re the only ones who have actual, normal, fleshy gums.
Earth dragon teeth tend to be broken and dull, and they always have dust in their airpipes and on their tongues and when they grit their teeth it makes a gross crunchy noise.
Water dragon teeth are adapted to gripping fish or algae. They’re more curved toward the inside and very pointy. This of course varies from breed to breed, but they’re on average better at eating wet, slippery goop.
Lightning dragons have glowing gums and always look like there’s electricity crackling at the back of their throats. There probably is. Also their teeth are slightly see through and maybe also glowy.
Arcane dragons have ENTIRELY TOO MANY TEETH, some of which grow where they shouldn’t be growing, or just float along outside their mouths. What the fuck arcane.

I might do artwork of this at some point you just watch me.