I have tried very hard not to set one of these up, but I am absolutely desperate at this point and I am really hoping that people will help out. Earlier this year in March, I had to find a new place to live. It was short notice and I didn’t have much saved up because it was unexpected. I ended up…

hey guys, I am asking a HUGE favor of all of you.  I really need people to reblog and share this link on tumblr, twitter, facebook, whatever.

last week, a so-called ‘friend” moved in with me.  he was going to pay for half the rent and bills for a month, then we were going to move to a much better neighborhood and a bigger apartment.

today, he left without leaving so much as a dime to pay for his part of the bills.

he didn’t want to talk about it, but I know exactly what happened.  my “friend” suffers from Nice Guy Syndrome, and was very obviously expecting me to be his girlfriend or fuck him in exchange for helping me out.  a big red flag was this morning. 

a male friend of mine came over because he needed help reformatting his computer.  not a problem.  I’ve done it for friends hundreds of times.  he came over this morning, early enough for my roommate to still be asleep.  since I’m still in this shitty 1br apartment, he was sleeping on the couch.  in an effort to not be assholes, we went into my room and closed the door since we’d be talking and didn’t want to be rude and wake him up.

once I heard that my roommate was up, my friend and I relocated to the living room.  but my roommate was dead silent.  refused to talk or share in conversation, and was incredibly rude to my friend when he tried to introduce himself.  once my friend left, my roommate packed up all of his stuff and told me, quite flatly, “I’m going back to [redacted].”  loaded his car up and left without another word.

I -know- that it’s because he thought my friend and I were doing something.  we weren’t, but even if we WERE, my roommate has absolutely no right to get so pissy over something so stupid and childish.  just because I’m not having sex with anyone, doesn’t mean I have to have sex with a friend because they’re doing me a favor.  I never once led him to believe that the reason I wanted him to move up here was to be in a relationship.  he knew from the beginning that I suggested it to get him out of a living situation he didn’t want to be in, and to help us both save money by cutting our bills in half.  never once was sex or a relationship brought up.  I was suggesting something as  FRIEND, but apparently he had other things in mind.

so now I have been royally screwed over by someone I thought was a friend, who turned out to be one of those asshole Nice Guys expecting sex and relationships in exchange for niceties.  I do not have enough for rent now (which is due TOMORROW), nor do I have enough for bills.  I’m short about $500 total for this month’s expenses.

in addition to asking for help for this month’s rent and bills, I am asking for donations to be able to move out of this area.  it’s a bad neighborhood, plain and simple.  cops are at my building or another building in the complex 2-4 times a DAY.  I have official documentation from the Brooklyn Park police department showing how many times officers have been called to my complex since I moved here.  I need to get out of here and to the area I was planning on moving to with my roommate.  in addition to being flat out SAFER, it’s also MUCH closer to my job, so I won’t have to spend $300 a MONTH on bus fare and gas for my mom’s car when she brings me to work.

please guys, if you could find it in your heart to just share this, even if you don’t donate.  the more people see this, the more chances I have of being able to get the hell out of here.

and yes, I am tagging this as FR.  the reason being, I have met a lot of great people through this community and I have seen so many members of this awesome site help others out..  I am well aware that it is off-topic as far as dragons go, but I’m hoping you guys can look past that and see that a fellow Flight Rising user is in desperate need of help, and friendship.

if you do not want to use GoFundMe or are not comfortable giving me your address so I can send a thank you, you can donate directly to my paypal: tdj0684@gmail.com

Ancestor veneration is a big part of religion among dragons. Of course, the actual Deities receive most of the worship, but in some ways they are considered an ancestor too. In addition to their deity, a clan will have it’s own personal pantheon of notable ancestors. This is why the founders of a clan are called progenitors, not just founders.

However, the importance of ancestors (and the method of veneration) does vary a bit from flight to flight. Earth obviously takes their ancestors the most seriously, but Ice, with its focus on archives and preservation, is a close second. Light clans usually have personal libraries with well-researched biographies of their ancestors. Plague clans focus less on individual ancestor’s lives but are known to boast about the size of their families: clearly their ancestor must have been a consummate survivor to sire so many descendants!

Comparatively, the Lightning and Arcane flights don’t do as much ancestor veneration; they are more focused on their current scientific and magical pursuits. Wind dragons, due to their wandering nature, are the only flight that doesn’t build shrines to their ancestors, but they do pass down oral history from parent to child. These stories have a way of morphing into tall tales over many generations, and outsiders are never sure whether Wind dragons actually believe the outlandish claims they make about their ancestors.

if someone rented a megabus

and drove around the US or provide airfare for people that don’t live in the states and was like “hey, we are going to disney world. all you have to do is pay for your food!!” would you go on said road trip….??

it’d only be for people that played FR so it wouldn’t be some random person showing up outside of your house.

so??? yes or no????

Although many dragons will enjoy a little chalice of rum, wine, tequila or sake during celebrations, the after effects of binge drinking vary according to breed size and abilities. A wobbling Fae or Pearlcatcher is harmless and unable to concentrate enough to cast magic; but an intoxicated Imperial or Guardian is a (barely) walking catastrophe. The next morning’s hangovers see a complete reversal when the large breeds can only groan into the dirt and cranky mages make everything explode.

So I know the market is a bit slow going lately, and I am one without much Treasure and a heavy need to start saving.up for stuff, things, and stuff and things. 



Yes, reply here with your FR name and I will review three of your dragons. If there is anything specifically you want me to know, leave that in your comment. I will also poke at specific dragons if you request it, offer advice if you ask, etc. BASICALLY ANYTHING GOES.

Once i do your review, you send me some amount of treasure. You can decide what you want to send, but please do send something - this is an attempt to up my treasure count xD.

PLEASE do not send me treasure until I do your review, though! You will know when I do it because I will tag your username/Tumblr name when I do it.


p.s. I am traceace on FR. HELLO.

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