Delta IV Booster Integration Another Step Toward First Orion Flight

Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Sep 29, 2014

Engineers took another step forward in preparations for the first test flight of NASA’s new Orion spacecraft, in December. The three primary core elements of the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket recently were integrated, forming the first stage of the launch vehicle that will send Orion far from Earth to allow NASA to evaluate the spacecraft’s performance in space. The th
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"When I’m flying and the other passengers are not looking out their windows in awe and excitement I get so angry. Look at the beautiful world you live in! You paid so much money for this flight and you’ve received a melting sunset amongst cotton candy fireclouds and you are pulling down your shade and trying to sleep. How can you sleep when you’re above a rainbow sea of sky that you’d have to climb to the top of a Tibetan monastery to see otherwise? How can you read US weekly when there’s so much drippy warm beauty out your window?"