-Leave a “Humor Me” in my ask and I’ll write a funny drabble about our characters. 

-Leave a “Love Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a fluffy drabble about our characters.

((THIS IS LIKE A YEAR OVERDUE WHOOOOOP but I done et. Did my best to combine them both since this is a forever overdue hope you like! tie in to off tumblr rps ftw))

Another morning. Flicky’s chirping, emerald shining, children sleeping still soundly. It was quite early, but time barely mattered to him. This day, like any other day, was the exact same thing. Uninteresting. For a while the silence upset him, but Chaos had grown used to the only voice being his own. It was funny; even without Tikal around, the god would still say things aloud in plain every now and then. 

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Once in awhile i’ll post sketches on my twitter and forget about them. I remembered how much I loved this particular sheet of doodles so I threw some quick colors down the other day and then forgot again to post it. Tails to this day is my absolute favorite sonic character, he’s just the most adorable little thing and the best game sidekick/partner ever. I really do love his design, so much fun to play with. One day if I ever have time away from commissions i’d love to turn that super tails doodle into a full image since I like it a lot.