Contrary to popular belief, wolves do not kill for fun. It takes a lot of effort and energy for wolves to hunt, and statistically they are actually terrible hunters! About 80% of the game they pursue they do not catch, which can lead to the wolves getting only one good meal a week in which they actually gorge themselves to keep nourished until the next successful hunt.

Wolves work together to take down their prey, as a lone wolf will not be able to undertake this tiring, and also dangerous task. They seek out the weak, young and sick animals therefore keeping herds healthier and also from overpopulating. When large ungulates overpopulate, this effects not only plant life but other animals that live off the same resources. Without wolves as an apex predator, the entire ecosystem suffers! Our mission is to remind everyone that they have a place on this earth just as much as any animal.

Photo: R.Lauren