Amy Acker answering fan question about the 4X11 kiss :)

Posted anonymously on TLC by the same Chinese fan who got the autographed photos, from the Denver Comic Con photo and autograph session today (May 23, 2015).  The audio’s a bit hard to hear - this is my attempt at transcribing:

(How was it filming the kiss?)

“It was good! Sarah was making fun of me, ‘cos she apparently has kissed lots of girls, and I have never kissed a girl or kissed anyone [with tongue onscreen??].”

(How many takes did Amy do with Sarah?)

“You know, we were running out of time, so we only got to do it, like- We only got to [laughs] Um- I think?  How many times?  Only three. About three, probably!  [laughs]”

And then it occurs to me. They are frightened. In me, they see their own daughters, just as ignorant, just as unmindful of all the truths and hopes they have brought to America. They see daughters who grow impatient when their mothers talk in Chinese, who think they are stupid when they explain things in fractured English. They see that joy and luck do not mean the same to their daughters, that to these closed American-born minds “joy luck” is not a word, it does not exist. They see daughters who will bear grandchildren born without any connecting hope passed from generation to generation.
—  Amy Tan