We must resist ANY temptation that comes our way. Erase it from our minds completely before it has a chance to take up residence in our hearts. Ask God to make us strong where we are weak. We will set NOTHING wicked before our eyes; and let us HATE the work of those who fall away; it shall NOT cling to to us. Psalm 101:3. #GodOverPorn #FleeTemptation #DieDaily #PrayedUp #Resist #Flee #strong #faithful #hope #joycemeyerbible #biblestudy #GodsWord #walkintheSpritnottheflesh

Sugar cravings can be a beast. These are my faves right now. The nutritional facts are divided by about 5. Dates are also in the bag. Fruit is my main indulgence, but I will kill some cake/cupcakes/brownies/s’mores in a hot second. Like last night. Lol. 😫 Will power was shot. For me> 1⃣ stay away from sweets #FleeTemptation 2⃣ have better sweet options. Fruits etc. 3⃣ indulge periodically. Questions/Suggestions leave them below 😊