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flowy side hijab look

Even though I spend about four hours a week producing a podcast about books, I spend most of my free time (and professional time) thinking about books! ‘Tis the life of a book nerd. 

In any case, I find myself often thinking about covers of books. The truth is, I judge books by their covers. But the other truth is, you do too. 

Think about it, doesn’t it seem weird that all historical romance novel covers have some kind of beefy guy in a flawy shirt and scantily clad maiden on the cover? Or even in modern day romance novel covers, a beefy guy and a sexy, but innocent looking lady just inches away from kissing? Well, that’s romance novels, you say?

I don’t think so…

All right, check this out: the covers of the three Hunger Games books. 

You will notice that the first shows Katniss’ mockingjay pin on a dark background reflecting the status quo and the “cog-in-the-system” idea of the first book. The second shows her pin in the crosshairs (like of a gun) like she’s being targeted for something (she is, by the way). Last, you see the mockingjay breaking free of the system and her constraints and flying free (this kind of happens).

Yesterday in Italy for Milan Fashion Week, Haitian Italian designer Stella Jean showed her spring summer 2015 collection, with a simulcast live online stream.

Utilizing Haitian folk art as both inspiration and graphic enhancement for her flawy designs, Stella blended the beauty of Haitian art and Italian craftsmanship in one beautiful collection.

Check out our Facebook page for photos of the full line from yesterday’s presentation.

Story by @HaitiGotit Contributor @bklynblkorchid

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anonymous said:

Tip: THROW OUT THE CLOTHES NOW. Don't even try them on...I made that mistake and it really effed with me. Just box up the old clothes (even the things you think "might" fit) and go buy new stuff. Use it as an excuse to change up your style...flowy dresses/skirts and flawy tanks are perfect for summer. Stay away from tight shorts/crop tops for now and hang in there! Remember that the weight will redistribute later. It will be hard this summer but it will get easier and easier!

thank you for this message! I actually threw out all of my clothes this morning and now I have to go and get some new ones but I am happy because you are absolutely right that trying them on was only going to upset me. Also thats really good advice about the shorts because I really do hate having things touch/ draw attention to my stomach at the moment xx 

anonymous said:

i get sooo sososo triggered when ANY CLOTHING is remotely snug. I absolutely cannot stand it! the only clothes that don't trigger me are flawy dresses and loose things even though i am only JUST within the 18 bmi range ( depending on different factors like relapse or water ). Will i ever wear clothes that are fitted again? Just feeling the hem line on my pants just pisses me the fuck off or a snug tank top i cannot stand it!

I have this sometimes too, but what I do to try and combat it is this.

I decide what I feel like wearing, say a tight top and tight jeans if I want to even if I feel like Im going to feel anxious about it. Then, I put it on, and when the thoughts come into my head that are unwelcome about how tight the clothing is I tell myself the following…
"Anorexia is making me feel this way about what I am wearing. I am not uncomfortable in this outfit, anorexia is trying to make me feel uncomfortable"
"By wearing this outfit, and ignoring anorexia’s stupid thoughts I am fighting her even harder and becoming closer to recovery"
And this is one of my favourites and is from this site “Anorexia is screaming because I am fighting her so hard (by wearing something anorexia is unhappy about) and most things tend to scream when they die!” 
This is how I deal with it (in fact today Im wearing jeans even though anorexia didn’t want me to!) I hope this helps, Rhi x

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Daily Fashion Challenge Day 3 - Taylor Swift

The third day of my Daily Fashion Challenge is Taylor Swift inspired, check it out!

Tomorrow’s is flawy AND I will be uploaded my labor day shopping haul from forever 21 and the thrift store!


You know when someone walks in and you immediately have outfit envy? yeah well that happened to me twice the other day…

These two lovely ladies (Hannah&Grace) have been On freaking POINT this year. Their outfits have been stunning every single day. Its damn impressive tbh.

I love the vintage look Hannah has got going on. The high waisted skater skirt and cropped stripped shirt are too precious and the cat eye sunglasses..oh girl. Also, paired with the jean vest…its almost like the forties and the eighties had a sweet sweet fashion baby. Yep. I went there.

Grace, fresh off the plane from Cali and her clothes show it! This LWD is flawy and beachy and delicate and basically all the good things a summer dress should be. Take note of the back as well cus that’s just awesome. Lastly, I’m a sucker for ivory converse so Grace is just killin it.

Dare I say they both get A +++’s. I love it.

No details necessary.

i plan as cosplaying as kyoko in her non-magical girl mode (natural) and reusing that on halloween. but if i cant cosplay as her, i might as well wear a black butler shirt, dye my hair blue, wear my sanrio leggings and my (fake, $20 ones from walmart) galaxy high tops.

if i can go for 2 days, i’ll wear a soul eater shirt and my leggings with cats in a galaxy with lightening.

3 days?

well, we might have to cross the bridge at that.

nah jk i’ll re-wear my sanrio leggings, my L Deathnote shirt, and put my flawy skirt on over my leggings.