I was so blessed to have this #Essentials with me. Lately, i have been watching over these and now it’s in my hands. For me, these were those things that are made perfectly for my every day must-have. And the #Speck case and the #JVC in-ear headphones were #Authentic. Thank you so so so much ate @ayang11 and the #FlatTopBrush was an imitation from Sigma but it’s perfectly fine since it’s durable and soft. Perfect for my Liquid and Powder Foundation and got it at a discount price and i mean P100 off. Whoah! 😇

Been posting too much on this day since i was out of the house with Mom and even if the day were very busy but yet it’s very productive.

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LUCY MINERALS ( ultimate flat top brush) ITS ON SALE NOW! USD  $18!

The Long Handled Flat Top Buffer brush is one of our most popular styles. The dense bristles are ideal for layering mineral or traditional makeup. The soft synthetic bristles pamper your skin, while still being firm enough to buff your foundations, blushers or bronzers.The chunky, long handle makes application easy.

really want to get this brush soon, just incase my Missha flat top brush gets worn off, i mean i wash my brush like almst every day whenever i wore it! the only problem i have with MIssha is the flat top it way small, but thats also a good thing as i can concentrate my problematic area, but when i dont have enough time…. :/…..thats when it bcomes a problem,. bcause i saw how this brush was darn good in coverage and all , i JUST HAVE TO GET ONE! AND TRY IT for myself!