The Nagaxvator is numbered amongst the oddest of animals found on Flatholm Ilse. So odd it is, in fact, that locals doubt it is even an animal - they say it is but a failed experiment, necromantic or scientific, they’re not sure, but they do accept it as just another unnatural creature that roams the land. However, of note is that the locals do not think ill of nagaxvators - on the contrary, they go out of their way to keep the nagaxvators happy. My initial research suggested fear as the cause, due to the creature’s amazing strength and ferocity when enraged, but further observation led me to believe that the nagaxvator’s habits are more symbiotic than one would think. The people of Flatholm purposely go out of their way to create a friendlier environment for a nagaxvator because the creature is capable of locating useful ore veins. The locals allow the nagaxvator to feed off some of the ore, and they get the location of a new lucrative mine.

An interesting creature indeed.

From the journals of Doctor Caius Heleniious, Natural Arcanium, during his travels of the Isles of the Old Hegemony.