last year when my grandma passed away, our family was all sad and when we were heading back home from the funeral parlor, this flashy sports car kept chasing us and the mood was already bad so we all got pissed and my mom sped up the car bc we thought it was some rich young punk trying to cut us in the traffic line. then the flashy sports car caught up to us eventually and switched lanes so they were right next to us and this dude with tattoos all over his body rolled down the car window and started yelling at us to roll our window down. And my mom did and was like WHAt bc she’s got quite the temper like me and the guy was all smiles like u guys left ur gas tank door open!!! u should close it in case another car comes too close and hits it and it breaks off!! and then he sped off in the opposite direction…then my fam all just sat there in the car like huh. he just chased us for like 3 blocks to tell us that…it was the random act of kindess that day for us i guess :’)

Ladies, here's How to Spot a Fake Big Boy, Especially in Abuja

Ladies, here’s How to Spot a Fake Big Boy, Especially in Abuja

We are going to put the spotlight on fake Abuja big boys, FABBs. These guys are always well-dressed with

flashy cars

. Some of them are even from rich homes. You see them looking like a bag of money, meanwhile nothing in their bank accounts. There is nothing wrong with looking good and not having money to back it up. There is only something wrong when you are doing it for packaging.

“They use…

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s3 au where sebastian meets kurt first without having any idea who he is (in neutral territory like the lima bean or whatever) and aggressively hits on him before propositioning him. kurt is super flattered and attracted even if the crudeness is a bit much, but he’s unerringly loyal and therefore rejects sebastian with no minced words about it, on account of having a boyfriend. 

then sebastian meets blaine. canon proceeds mostly as normal, but there is a blanket of light awkwardness and heavy ust over every kurtbastian interaction. 

because “fun, i don’t like you either” doesn’t hold quite the same weight when the other guy knows you liked him enough to offer a quickie in the backseat of your car… parked in a public lot… outside a crowded coffeeshop… in broad daylight.

On cars -

Toyota is the most popular car make among millionaires. Keep that in mind.

Old money - and more importantly smart money - know that cars are something on which you spend money and will never ever make profit off of. A prudent businessman will have a gorgeous house, very fine clothes and belongings, but maybe an “average” car. It’s a wise investment and expenditure of assets.

A stupid, new money, kid will live in an average apartment and have a flashy car. Don’t fall for it. If their income dries up, that car will be out the window in two seconds.

On that note, here’s another fact of life: a modest, but paid off house and “average” car paid for in cash is a thousand times better than a flash house and car that you can afford paycheck to paycheck. My dad was a multimillionaire who retired at age 50 drove a Nissan Pathfinder until the day he died.

Fun car game to play on a roadtrip

Everytime you see a middle aged dude in a flashy car, comment “that guy is OBVIOUSLY going through a midlife crisis” until the driver gets so annoyed they kick you out of their car in the middle of a busy freeway 4 hours from home and you have to call your mum to come and pick you up. That’s right Kyle, I’m telling this story. Fuck you.

There’s this grime artist in London called JME who would video every time police would stop him for his ‘flashy’ car, I think he’d accumulated over 100 tickets in a year. And every time they’d stop him they’d claim there were a lot of car burglaries in the area and wanted to see if his car was stolen. Every single time.

Apparently we’re not allowed to have nice things. You guys should look up his videos on YouTube just type 'JME police’

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An upbeat, high energy song that really gets you going! Fun and flashy choreography, expensive cars, and cute boys! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? (I mean, you’d also get more screentime lmao…..) I’d probs do this on set lmao: 

Thanks for voting!!!!! 

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Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Romance AU
Rating: M; swearing, lemon, character death, violence
Description: So you know those typical Hollywood vampires? The ones that are all black and dear god sparkly? With flashy houses and cars, with tons of money from their ancient treasures. …Yeah, that’s not me. Vampire!America; USUK

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I can't shake the feeling that Tom/Jacob stole that Mustang to empress Liz in some way. Because he could've stolen a far less flashy car to draw less attention in but yet he choose that one. What do u think?

I think there may be something to that theory. I also think as far as personal preferences go he, Jacob likes Mustangs, they were after all what he had in his watch post. 

The conversation he has with Liz in the car, where he is sharing with her what he wants for the future is him trying to reveal to her who he is and what he wants. The way he describes what his dream is, and tells her exactly where he wants to go definitely contains elements of salesmanship. I think he wants her to come with him but he has no idea to ask at this point, so he’s trying to sell himself and the Mustang and the diving boat to her. When he says, “It’s going to be a nice boat,” what I hear is “Please come with me.” Liz can’t so instead she kisses him goodbye.    

This ayah always reminds me of the Tumblr experience. 

Maybe it’s just me, but seeing an overload of flashy cars and fancy houses and cute outfits and pretty people (aka “splendor of worldly life”) on my dash doesn’t impact me the best way. 

I wouldn’t say it’s jealousy that arises since it’s not like I wish for anyone who’s got all these blessings to have them taken away, but I will say that I occasionally experience a shift in priority when I see them. I guess I’m hit with a sudden thought, like “ah man, I need to have that.” Of course, I don’t think it’s wrong to want things, but maybe if that want turns into longing and gets in the way of your main goal, it could be detrimental. 

It’s like you’re on this mission and you keep stopping to admire every up every shiny rock you find, you’re not just distracted (if only temporarily) but you’re inevitably going to be slowed down.

And subhanAllah, this ayah was Allah advising Rasool Allah ﷺ, the most goal-oriented and driven on his mission. If he ﷺ needed to guard his sight to keep himself firm, what about you and me?