The thing about Lauren compared to all the kids we've used is that she’s the only one who will come up to me and say, ‘You’re not using me enough. I haven’t been on in three episodes. It’s time to bring me back.’ She gets that she is a very important role model. She is very vocal that her fans want to see her.

Ryan Murphy on Lauren Potter’s role on Glee

The EW Report: Actors With Down syndrome

A late #flashbackfriday but #c2e2 is tomorrow! Ngl I’ve been really stressing about how I’m going to look tomorrow. This picture was taken at my first c2e2 two years ago when I was close to my lowest weight. I may look happy, but inside I was miserable. My relationship had just fallen apart, I lost my job, and was knee deep in heavy restriction of my food and over exercising. I thought I was fat in this picture 😞 now I wish I was this small. I’m not that much heavier but I feel like what I see in the mirror and what comes out in pictures is so different. I’m going to try and focus on just enjoying tomorrow and not worrying about how I look 😊 It takes a lot of balls to walk around in a full body suit when you’re self conscious, let me tell you! But I can do it! #cosplay #darkphoenix #xmen

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