VULTAN. Since this is in the back of issue #4 of Flash Gordon I feel alright about posting it here. I’m really glad I get a chance to draw Vultan and the rest of the Hawkmen in upcoming issues. I know he’s a favorite among fans of the movie so I’m excited for folks to see him when he shows up.


Hey guys, I have a short story in the Flash Gordon Annual, which is out in comic stores TODAY (haha just found out about it yesterday). It’s an 8 page story written by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker (of The Thrilling Adventure Hour and the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast, which is only my favourite podcast in the world), starring Dale Arden, SCIENCE JOURNALIST! It’s awesome and hilarious, and I didn’t really have time in my schedule to draw it, but I made time dammit, because the script was just that perfect. So please check it out at your local comic store today! Lots of other great artists and writers in the collection, so yay. :D

Here’s the first page of my story, from pencils to final colours (colours by Jeremy Treece). Go Dale & Jen!