I think the 1920’s is my favorite time period. There was such an amazing concentration of inspirational and successful writers, artists and musicians coming from that time. What was it in the air back then? I’m sure somebody has  studied this and has a theory out there about this. I’d love to hear it. 

These sketches are on display from now until January 21, 2015 at the Center Stage Gallery in Burbank, Ca.


the roaring twenties, an age of jazz, bathtub gin, flappers, baseball, and the lost generation

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i. The Goofus Five & Adrian Rollini — The Wang Bang Blues ii. The Goofus Five & Adrian Rollini — Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues iii. Harry Raderman’s Novelty Orchestra — The Japanese Sandman iv. Howard Lanin — When Eyes of Blue are Foolin’ You v. Helen KaneI Wannabe Loved By You vi. Tiny Parham — Alexander, Where’s That Band? vii. Tim Brymn & His Black Devil’s Orchestra — Don’t Tell Your Monkey Man viii. The Little Ramblers —My Cutey’s Due At Two-To-Two Today ix. King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators — Four & Five Times x. Eubie Blake — Charleston Rag xi. Miff Mole’s Molers — Original Dixieland One-Step xii. L’Orchestre Des Ambussadeurs — Men And The Man In The Moon