• Desired Effect (Working Title)
  • Brandon Flowers
  • Solo Album 2

Two takes on the sheet music Brandon Flowers tweeted yesterday have surfaced.  The first one can be heard above and comes from this Dropbox account.

The second take comes from this NoteFlight account.

As has been pointed out by numerous Victims who have listened to these two takes, the sheet music appears to be for a backing track or a component of the chorus for ‘Desired Effect’.

Unfortunately, I was unable to trace these two takes back to their original uploaders.  If you are responsible for the creation of either of these two takes and would like me to credit you, please let me know.

Taken from this thread on Sweet Talk.

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I love this song.. I love this man..I want Flamingo 2, now..

(thanks Regina Radtke )

flamboozled-flamingo tagged me for a “post your last four selfies” thingy.  I didn’t think I had four selfies on my phone…but I apparently, yes.  The top two are me with the kiddoes.  Bottom-left is me being very tired of studying for an exam I was going to take.  Bottom-right is most embarrasing of all - trying to take a picture for my Instagram account (I think I’m using this one?).

I don’t know who takes selfies and who doesn’t…but I’ll a few people anyway and see. justyouandtheoceansadiron-soleplatemisscowcowkonpeitobits.

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Magdalena - Brandon Flowers

I love this song because its about redemption and forgiveness. Spiritual redemption and forgiving yourself. 

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again sharing what I’m seeing right now .. beauty

(thanks Tina Michaels )