Prompt #28-Golden

Hey loves, I got a wonderful prompt idea from octaviabrittany a while back. Thanks for this idea girl! In this prompt, the Devil’s world is flipped upside down. Instead of having a three year relationship with German, Ahsha has been with Derek Roman for three years. German is a creepy guy that she met in college but he recently got a job with the Devils.

This is the prompt I had trouble finishing yesterday. Thankfully, I was able to finish it with a little inspiration from another show. ENJOY! 

The light from the sun, warmed Ahsha’s back as she laid in between the plush pillows.  Smells of maple syrup, bacon and homemade biscuits filled the air. Ahsha smiled to herself as she felt one side of the bed dip under Derek’s weight.

“Good morning,” she murmured, still basking in the night before. After three years together, Derek finally asked for her hand in marriage.

Ahsha had met him in her sophomore year in college after winning courtside seats to a Devils basketball game. After the game, she met the star player and when he asked for her number she refused. Derek Roman didn’t have the best reputation when it came to women and Ahsha wasn’t going to be another notch on his belt. Five months later, they ran into each other again at the Farmer’s Market.  Derek loved getting out and enjoying the beautiful city while also connecting with people. He got lonely in his mansion without anyone to talk to besides his chef and the occasional groupie he invited over. The second meeting between Ahsha and Derek resulted in them building a friendship before dating a whole year later. After graduating from college, she moved into an apartment and began her master’s degree in Advertisement. They took their relationship slow and it seemed to work best that way. Derek was irresistible to many but Ahsha played hard to get with him for the longest. When she finally gave in it made Derek the happiest man in the world.

“Morning beautiful,” Derek grinned, his voice still heavy with sleep. “Sleep well?”

“I sure did,” Ahsha replied, moving in to capture his lips in a tender kiss. “I’m starving.”

“I am too,” Derek whispered against her ear, his lips trailing to her shoulder where he nipped at her skin.

Closing her eyes and leaning back against his chest, she began, “About that…I was thinking we could hold off on sex until we get married.”

The mood was officially dead. Derek rested his chin on her shoulder as he tried to hold back a laugh. “Really Ahsha? I know it’s almost April 1st and all but that’s a bad joke.”

“I’m not joking babe. I want us to be strong emotionally and on a mental level before we take this big step,” she explained, turning to face him.

“Um, I think after three years we’re pretty strong on all levels,” Derek insisted, pulling at a strand of Ahsha’s hair. “We wouldn’t last a month.”

“I think we could if you really put your mind to it. Please try…for me,” she begged, sticking out her bottom lip.

“Ugh, okay. You better be glad you’re cute,” Derek answered with a slight chuckle. “Alright, we can give this a try I guess. I still don’t think it’ll last but we’ll try.”

Ahsha laid across his chest and traced his abdomen as she spoke. The large diamond on her finger glimmered in the light of the sun. “Thanks for understanding. To keep our minds off sex maybe we can do other things, like visit the museum, go to the zoo and take in some movies. There are so many other ways we can bond without having sex.”

“Like I said, we can try but I guarantee we will fail miserably,” Derek added, running his fingers through her hair. “I have practice later and maybe we can take in a movie when I’m done.”

“Sounds like a plan. Now let’s go eat,” Ahsha explained, sliding off the bed and grabbing her robe.


Straight out of college, Ahsha was hired on as the assistant director of the Devil Girls dance team. She had interned with them for two years before they decided to hire her on to help Olivia Vincent, the head director. Although Ahsha would have enjoyed dancing on the team, she wasn’t allowed to be a dancer while dating a player. Olivia rewarded Ahsha by allowing her to be the head choreographer on top of her assistant director duties.

Ahsha’s desk was full of costume ideas, future choreography plus themes and music. It was a complete mess but she found this was the only way she could function. “Whoa that thing is glittering from all the way over here. Congrats on the engagement,” Olivia beamed, entering the spacious office. “I may have to ask Chase for a bigger ring to compete with yours.”

“Ha! Thanks Liv. It’s actually a little too big for my taste but I’m getting used to it,” Ahsha replied, closing her laptop and resting her chin on her fists. “What’s up?”

“We have a new guy that just started today that Oscar wants everyone to meet. He’s downstairs in the Playground,” Olivia explained, twirling her wedding ring around her small finger.

“Yeah sure. I can take an earlier lunch I suppose.”

The two women headed towards the elevator that would take them down to the underground club. The Devil’s Playground was where all the action took place and where most of the trouble occurred. A large crowd of people were gathered in the middle of the room when Olivia and Ahsha entered the Playground.

“Oh there you two are. German, these two ladies are the master minds behind our dance team. They’re the reason the Devil Girls are known worldwide. This is our new team physical therapist, German Vega,” Oscar announced, introducing the two directors to their new fellow employee. Too bad one of them already knew him…very well.

“I’m Olivia Vincent and this is-“

“Ahsha, wow you look-I wouldn’t have even noticed you,” German expressed, his eyes widening as he took in his ex-girlfriend’s appearance. “Nice to meet you Olivia.”

“Good you two already know each other,” Olivia added, throwing an inquisitive look at her co-worker.

“Yeah, she’s an old friend,” German answered, his eyes still on Ahsha.

Ahsha knew she had to say something to break the awkwardness forming in the room. “Congrats on the new job.”

“Thanks. I’m happy I get to work with my favorite team. Such a blessing,” German replied, smiling from ear to ear. Ahsha immediately caught on to the double meaning.

“That’s good to hear. I’ll see you around.” She couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. Having her ex-boyfriend back in her life was a complete nightmare. They didn’t end on the best of terms and he had texted her a month ago saying he could possibly be interviewing with the Devils. She never told him that she was the assistant director of the Devil Girls because she knew he would try even harder to get a job with the organization. Now that he was actually inside the arena, she wanted to bash her head against the wall. German would definitely be on her tail now since he was close to her. Why did she have the worse luck?

“Hey baby,” the familiar voice called out. Her instant headache began to subside as she turned around to face her fiancé. “Where you headed off to with that frown on your face?”

“Back to my office,” she answered innocently. “I’m about to take lunch, you wanna join me?”

“I would but I have a meeting in the next hour or so. We’ll catch up later tonight,” Derek said, kissing her cheek.


As Ahsha cleared her lunch from her desk, she heard a light knock at her door. “Come in.”

“Nice office.”

Recognizing the voice, she quickly turned around in her seat. “What…what are you doing in here,” she asked, feeling as if her privacy was being invaded. “Okay, I see we will have to set some boundaries. Just because we work in the same building does not mean we need to visit with each other. I would be perfectly fine if we didn’t even speak.”

“Don’t be like that Ahsh,” German pleaded, running his fingers over the trophies on her shelf. “I can’t act like we don’t have history. You’re going to act like we didn’t date for a year?”

Ahsha stood to her feet and leaned on her desk. “I don’t give a damn what kind of history we have. That history went out the window when you slept with my best friend. I have nothing to say to you German.”

“So that year in college meant nothing to you,” he pressed, now sitting in the plush chair in front of her.

Narrowing her eyes until they were almost slits, Ahsha spoke between her teeth, “No.”

German tried to hide the hurt but it was all in his eyes. “Wow. Well I beg to differ. That year was the best year of my life.”

“That’s enough, I would like for you to leave my office please.”

“You know I still love you and if you give me another chance I coul-“German stopped midsentence once Ahsha slammed her left hand on her desk. The large diamond jumped out at him like a large billboard screaming she was no longer his. She had moved on to someone else while he still wanted to fight for her. “You’re engaged.”

“Yes, and I’m very happy with him so you won’t be needing that chance with me again. Goodbye German,” she spat, shooing him away as she sat back down in her office chair. Crossing her legs, she gave German the most sinister glare she could muster up.

“Who is he,” German questioned, the hurt clearly etched on his face.

“That’s none of your business. Do I need to have security remove you from my office? That wouldn’t be a good look on your first day.”

That last warning had German standing to his feet. “I’ll see you around,” he threw at her as he turned his back to leave.

She had a feeling that wouldn’t be the last of German Vega.


Since Derek had a meeting that would last into the evening, it was the perfect time to get extra work done at the office. Ahsha’s desk needed serious organizing and now was the best time to do it. Plugging her iPod into her ears, she began swaying to the sounds of Jill Scott’s Golden. Her life truly felt golden and she couldn’t complain. Perfect job, man of her dreams, good health and family. That’s all she could ask for and she had it. The lyrics and beat caused her to move her hips as she began filing away loose papers. The song took her back to cleaning up on Saturday mornings with her mother. Sloane was a huge Jill Scott fan and they would listen to her albums as they did chores and worked in the garden.

Ahsha got really into the song and began singing, not realizing how loud she was until she turned to find her fiancé standing in the doorway. A big smile spread across his face as Ahsha snatched the headphones from her ears. “How long were you standing there,” Ahsha asked, smiling shyly.

“Long enough to hear your beautiful rendition of Jill Scott,” he answered sarcastically. “The meeting ended early.”

“Oh, that’s good. Did you want to go out to eat tonight or cook something up at home?”

“Eat out,” he winked as he closed the door behind him and slowly approached his soon to be wife from behind.

“Derek,” she whined, sinking into his embrace.

“Ahsha,” he mocked, rocking them back and forth. “Everyone is gone and I couldn’t help myself after watching you and those little moves.”

“We’re supposed to wait until our wedding night,” Ahsha replied, wrapping her arms around his. “Plus, I wouldn’t dare do that in my office. Someone could walk in on us.”

“I locked the door so problem solved,” he whispered in her ear, laying a light kiss against her skin.

“Remember you promised that…” Ahsha began but her voice trailed off as Derek’s lips grazed her neck, causing the familiar quiver between her legs. Maybe they wouldn’t last until the wedding. Hell, they didn’t even have a wedding date set yet. “Okay, maybe we can start after we set the date.” As she turned in his arms, his hands traveled to her firm backside.

“Oh, but weren’t you the one saying we needed to connect on an emotional level,” he teased, squeezing her bottom.

“I mean…we still can take in a movie and do other couple things. Sex is just a perk,” Ahsha hinted, raising a brow.

A mischievous grin graved Derek’s face before he turned her back around and walked her towards her desk. She grunted loudly as he bent her over the glass surface. “Hey, I’m trying to organize this stuff,” she laughed as papers went flying to the floor. A knock at the door interrupted their little moment. “Who the hell is that? I thought you said everyone was gone.”

“Well I thought so,” Derek snapped, zipping up his pants. “Who is it?”


“What the entire fuck,” Ahsha growled under her breath. She turned into another woman when people messed up sexy time with her man.

“Who,” Derek asked, cracking the door.

“Oh I was looking for Ahsha,” German replied, peeking between the crack of the door.

“Ahsha is busy, may I ask who you are?”  It was obvious the two men hadn’t met yet from Derek’s reaction.

“I’m German Vega, the new physical therapist for the Devils,” he said.

“Okay and I’m Derek, her fiancé. Nice to meet you,” Derek hissed, clearly getting irritated with the stranger on the other side of the door.

“Derek, I got this. Excuse me,” Ahsha cut in, pushing Derek to the side. “German I thought I told you to stay away from my office.”

“I didn’t like how we ended on bad terms earlier. I came by to apologize,” he expressed, still staring at Derek behind the door. Ahsha rolled her eyes and stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind her. “That must be your fiancé.”

“Yep and you’re not starting out on his good side right now. Look, I will not have this discussion with you again. Do not come by my office. Do not speak to me. Do not go around here acting like we’re the best of friends. If you can’t respect that then I’ll have to turn you in for harassment and I have no problem doing that,” Ahsha warned. “I’m being very nice to you and I want to keep it that way instead of getting ugly.”

“It’s hard knowing you’re in the same building when I’m still in love with you.”

“Well go work with another team. Your fault,” she snapped turning on her heel.

Once she was back in the office, she spotted Derek standing in front of the large windows. His jaw tensed as she shut the door. “Ex-boyfriend huh?”

“Yea, sadly. He just started here today.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Derek was bothered by the fact that German was working in the same building as his fiancé. He wouldn’t admit being annoyed by it but Ahsha could tell without him saying a word. Hell, she’d be annoyed if one of his exes became a Devil Girl. “You don’t have to worry about me running off with him. Trust me, I’m not happy that he’s working here either. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I kinda forgot.”

“Naw, I’m not mad about your ex being here. I’m pissed that he interrupted what I was getting started,” Derek chuckled, changing the subject. “Why would I be worried about him when I know you’re coming home with me? He stays in his place and I won’t bust in his face. That simple,” Derek replied, pulling Ahsha into his chest.

“Here’s to hoping you don’t have to bust his face. I told him to lay off and that I’m happy with someone else.”

“Mmmm, good. Now maybe we can pick up where we left off when you get home,” Derek insisted, capturing her lips in soul luring kiss. Deepening the kiss, Ahsha stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms around her love’s neck. Nope, they wouldn’t make it to their wedding day.


The fireplace was lit, the bottles were popped and Ahsha and Derek were enjoying each other’s company in the mansion’s den. After a long day at work, they both needed a moment of relaxation. As Derek massaged Ahsha’s tired feet, she explained how she met German and why they didn’t last. Although Derek told her it didn’t matter because he was in the past, she insisted that she tell him anyway.

“We met at this party in college my freshman year and it went from there. I thought he was all that and more until he slept with my best friend. He was dating us both at the same damn time and it went right under my nose. I dumped him and didn’t see him…until now. It sucks that we’re working for the same organization,” she explained, frowning in disgust. “But I don’t want you to think that him being around means I’ll let him back in. I love you and German can’t change that.”

“I know,” he added, placing her foot back on the floor and laying down next to her. “And I love you.” Ahsha’s sweet smile only warmed his heart even more. “Which is why I’m going to honor your wishes about this no sex thing. If that’s what you want to do then we’ll do it.”

“Awww babe, thanks for that. I know it’ll be rough for both of us but I really want to give it a try. And it’s okay if we don’t make it until then, at least we can say we tried.”

“So let’s say we accidently didn’t try tonight,” Derek implored, leaning into her lips.

“Derrreek,” she sighed.

“Alight, alright, alright,” he laughed. “I’ll go get a board game.”


4 months later

Hand rested upon her growing belly, Ahsha flipped through her recent book of choreography. The Devil Girls were going to have a busy few months with many appearances and traveling. Ahsha had her work cut out for her with wedding planning, a baby on the way and Devil Girl events. Being pregnant wasn’t her plan but like she thought, it was difficult to wait out on sex. They lasted an entire week before Ahsha was the first to break. One day she literally attacked Derek in the shower and two months later she found out she was pregnant.

“Ahsha,” came a voice from outside her door.

“Come in,” she replied, already knowing who it was. “What do you want?”

“Just wanted to drop these off to congratulate you on the Devil Girl’s winning that award the other day. I’m sure all the credit goes to you and your choreography,” German said, putting the bouquet of flowers on Ahsha’s desk.

“Thanks but I can’t accept these from you,” she replied, pushing the vase back in his direction. “I’m not trying to be rude. I-me accepting these from you will just have you thinking there’s something left of us. I appreciate your congratulations though.”


“Please leave,” Ahsha pleaded, running her hand over her stomach. “I can’t be under any extra stress right now.” German’s eyes widened as they fell to the small bump hidden behind a large, flowy shirt.

“You’re pregnant,” he whispered in horror, his hands falling to his side.

“Yes, I’m just starting to show so it’s hard to hide now.”

“Is there a problem here,” Derek asked, stepping into the office with his glare on German. “Hey baby.”

“Hey,” Ahsha muttered, leaning back into Derek’s embrace as he put a protective hand over her stomach. “I think you should leave German.”

With the happy couple standing before him, German picked up the vase of flowers and walked out of his ex-girlfriend’s office. Hot tears began to roll down his cheeks as the feeling of regret panged in his chest. He had lost her for good.

Ahsha was living her life like it was golden, and it wasn’t him making it shine.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed!

Prompt #28.5: Golden (Red Light Special Edition)

Hey loves! Soooo, I know I’m supposed to be working on Radar and I have the next chapter started! It will be posted sometime next week. But someone in our Dersha fam just gave me quite the challenge that I wasn’t going to pass up. @ilovederekandahsha wanted to see what went down in that shower scene in my recent prompt Golden. HAHA! 

WARNING: This is explicit and you can contact Dersha and our ship sister for the damage this is about to do. It ain’t my fault. Enjoy ya litte nasties!

One week felt like an eternity. Why on earth would a person say no sex until their wedding day when they lived with a chocolate covered Greek god? What the hell was Ahsha thinking when she suggested they only bond emotionally and mentally for a while? Ahsha still hadn’t set a wedding date but she was tempted to set it for the next day so she could get her some dick. She never was the type to be dickmatized and she vowed to never be that girl, but she was feigning for it. Derek wasn’t helping the situation by constantly walking around shirtless or even naked. He wasn’t playing fair and he knew it was driving his fiancée crazy.

Truth be told, Derek was having a hard time with their truce as well. He tried to get his fiancée to see that the no sex thing wouldn’t last long, but she didn’t hear him out. At least he was truthful with her and he was beginning to see a little give in her request. There were numerous times he caught her staring at him as he stripped down for a shower. Hell, he stared at her too and even noticed her bottom was getting a little plumper from working out. The woman was poison and would be the death of him if he didn’t get some soon. They hadn’t even set a date yet which meant they could be waiting another year to have sex. Derek wanted to make the first move but he didn’t want her to see him fail. She was the one who created the truce and he wouldn’t be the one to break it. Nope.

“What’s wrong with you,” Ahsha asked, as she watched Derek complete his workouts for the day. The way he was slamming the weights down presented an obvious irritation of some sort. Was it wrong that his irritation was turning her on? The way his muscles were bulging and the sweat dripped down his ripped stomach…no Ahsha you must control yourself. But look at the way his ass tightens as he does squats. Here she was thinking with her womanly goods instead of sticking to her guns.

“Nothing, just killing myself with this workout. What’s up,” he replied, eyeing her long legs sticking out from her spandex shorts. What made her wear those and was she trying to get him to cave first? He was so tempted to get on his knees and beg her.

“Nothing. I’m done with my book so I thought I’d come check on you. I’m headed back upstairs now,” Ahsha said, slowly turning on her heel.

“Okay,” he answered, throwing her a small smile as he continued his workout.

“Okay. See you soon.”

Derek shook his head as she sashayed away. “Okay.”

Once she was up in the room, she threw herself face down on the bed and let out a muffled scream. She couldn’t be the one to ruin her own idea and Derek would of course love to say ‘I told you so’. Flipping on her back, she sprawled out across the silky comforter. Before she knew it, she had dozed off.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” Derek whispered against her temple. When he finished his workout he found Ahsha sound asleep across their bed. She looked too peaceful to wake up, so he let her sleep for a few hours. “You’ve been sleep for three hours.”

“Really? Geez, I guess I didn’t realize I was that tired. You done with your workouts for the day,” she asked, yawning and stretching her tight muscles.

“Yep. Finally,” he sighed as he stretched out next to her. The pair lay facing each other, both of them not able to keep their eyes from lingering over the other’s body. “What?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she teased, grazing his leg with her toes. “You’re getting sweat all over the bed. That’s gross.”

“How about I get this sweat all over you,” he shot back, raising a brow.

“Derek, I swear if you-ahhhhh! Ewww,” Ahsha cried, as Derek attacked her in tickles and a sweat laced hug. “That is disgusting!”

“But you love it,” Derek replied, hopping up from the bed and heading towards the bathroom. He made sure to remove his shirt and shorts before reaching the door, giving her a peek at his bare ass.

“Was that really necessary,” Ahsha grumbled, rolling her eyes. Derek simply smirked and closed the door behind him.

Maybe I should have gotten that vibrator from the Naughty House last week, Ahsha thought to herself. What was a girl supposed to do when a man kept teasing her all day? Ahsha kicked her feet in frustration, knocking the pillows to the floor. “Fuck it,” she growled to herself while storming to the bathroom. She busted through the door just as Derek turned the strong jet stream shower on, drowning out Ahsha’s footsteps. She couldn’t get out of her spandex shorts and shirt fast enough. The steam from the shower literally had it sticking to her skin. Derek was still unaware of her presence as she slid the glass door to the side and stepped inside the steamy space. At first she stood and enjoyed the view before Derek turned around and almost jumped out of his skin. “Whoa! What are you doing in here,” he asked, taking in her naked appearance. The way the water was rolling down her skin had him wishing he was one of those water droplets. He had to internally curse himself out for that thought.

“I can’t do it,” Ahsha answered, roughly pushing Derek against the wall.  

“Do what,” he quizzed, knowing exactly what she was talking about. His hands fell to her hips as his back collided with the cool tile of the shower. “Ohhhh, do that. Now I thought you said-“ Before he could even finish his sentence, her lips were on his.  The warmth of her lips in the already steaming shower, only added fuel to the fire. Ahsha took complete control of the kiss, biting and pulling at his bottom lip. Her curious hands caressed his muscled chest, traveling down his abs before making their next adventure to his hardening piece. Ahsha smiled against his lips. “Hey…hey…you sure you wanna do this? I mean, this would end the truce we made.”

“Screw that truce, it was the dumbest decision I ever made,” she piped, her hand still wrapped around his length.

Maybe it was the wait getting to him but he could literally melt in her hand. “I could have told you that,” he added, taking her face between his hands. They grinned at each other, anticipating the other’s next move. The shower seemed to get smaller as the heat intensified between the lovers. Ahsha closed the space between them with another kiss, her tongue grazing his before plunging into his mouth. That’s all it took for Derek to finally grab and thighs and wrap them around his waist. Right away, their hands were all over each other, between messy kisses and explicit banter.

Suddenly, Ahsha was lowered back to the floor. “Don’t tell me you’ve chickened out on me,” Ahsha whispered, raising a brow.

“Ha! Turn around,” he crooned.


“Turn around,” he repeated, gently pushing her towards the glass doors. Ahsha hesitated but she turned around, only to have Derek step up behind her. Bending her forward and placing his hands on her hips, he began guiding himself into her slick center. Her knees almost buckled from the pleasure that soared through her body. The impact could be felt from her hair follicles all the way down to her toes. What was she thinking when she decided to give this up until her wedding night?

“Derrreeek,” she gasped, her hands colliding with the steamy shower door. They were both under the strong stream of the shower head, making the moment even more erotic. The feeling was so intense she could barely stay positioned against the glass. Fully inside her womanly abyss, Derek began slow, fluid movements. The sounds of their sex echoed off the walls of the shower, creating a beautiful song. “I-I..I can’t,” Ahsha moaned, her legs beginning to shake.

“I gotchu baby,” Derek responded, only quickening the pace, pushing Ahsha further with each thrust.

Her legs grew weaker as the pleasure between her thighs had her throwing her head back.  “I can’t hold on much-mu longer.”

The whimpers and moans filling the shower and the tightening of Ahsha’s center around his length had him on edge. “Jesus,” she cried out, her hands sliding down the shower doors. Her legs were going to give out any second. Sensing her closeness, Derek quickly pulled out and turned her back around. “What are you doi-ahhhh,” she shrieked as he lifted her thighs with ease and positioned her against the glass door.

“Better,” he asked, the cocky grin forming on his lips as her eyes rolled back in her head. The man was trying to kill her. “Oh no, open those eyes baby. Come on look at me.” He began a smooth rhythm, while coaxing her center with his fingers. The pair stared at one another as Derek picked up the rhythm and Ahsha bucked her hips to match his.

“I’m close,” she muttered against his neck, placing open mouth kisses against his wet skin. The feeling of ecstasy began building up in her stomach. With one last thrust of her hips, Ahsha experienced one of the most earth shattering orgasms she had ever had. “Argggggh!” She couldn’t even unwrap her legs because she didn’t want to lose the feeling.

“Told you we wouldn’t make it,” Derek said, after a long moment of silence. He finally lowered her back to the floor and turned off the shower.

“You could have said no,” she shot back, wringing out her long locks.

“Tuh, like I really would do that. Let’s get out of here, I’m burning up,” Derek suggested, opening the shower door, letting the steam escape into the bathroom. He laughed at the hand prints marking the glass doors. Ahsha slowly stepped out of the shower, her legs completely failing her but she didn’t want to give Derek the pleasure of knowing that.

“Need some help,” he asked, turning to grab her hand. “Made them legs shaky huh?”

“Shut up.”  The couple grabbed two towels and made their way to the bedroom, where they began drying off. Derek looked satisfied with himself as he watched his fiancée rub down her legs and arms. Feeling his gaze, Ahsha glanced up at him. “What?”

“Oh nothing,” he grinned. As he reached for the lotion, he felt a soft touch on his back. He turned to find Ahsha standing directly behind him with her own bottle of lotion in tow. The expression on her face said she was up to no good. “And what do you think you’re doing?”

“Get on the bed,” she demanded. Derek followed her instructions as she climbed on top of him, still holding the bottle of lotion. She squirted some in her hand and began rubbing it on his chest. Her hands made a slow pattern to his shoulders as she massaged the creamy liquid into his beautiful brown skin. A devious smile fell upon her lips before she trailed down to his rippled stomach. Ducking her head, she began placing tender kisses on his abdominal muscles, while her curious hand fell to his piece.

“Damn girl,” was all Derek could muster up as her hand began moving up and down, preparing him for a second round of her loving. His length stiffened against the softness of her hand, prompting her to sit back up and position herself on top of him.

“I hope you’re ready for another round,” she teased, sinking down on him until he filled her completely. She began a slow and teasing wine, while staring down at the gorgeous man under her. He smiled back up at her as he placed his hands on her mocha thighs. Her ragged breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the master bedroom. Derek focused his attention on her breasts as she rode him like he was Seabiscuit in a horse race. Head thrown back and hands on his chest, she truly was in a different world. Ahsha didn’t want the moment to end but once again her body was failing her. The next orgasm hit them both like a ton of bricks, causing Ahsha to concave inward as Derek tightly gripped her hips as he released inside of her.

The next few moments were full of heavy breathing and an occasional stroke of one another’s skin. They were just enjoying the warmth of their bodies while falling off their highs. “Do you think we can start over on the truce,” Ahsha asked softly, her dainty fingers stroking Derek’s chest.

Derek pulled back to get a look at her face. Was she kidding? “You serious?”

“Hell no,” she laughed loudly.  The quiet moment was soon interrupted by their loud banter back and forth about the truce they made a week ago.

Two months later, they received quite the surprise.

Thanks for reading! Hope you all enjoyed!

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"Hey Flaky~ How have you been?" Disco smiled to the young red head. (Discobearprince)

Flaky smiled back at the afro headed boy “G-Good…..I took F-Flippy’s jacket….Do you think h-he’ll be mad t-to see me with it??” She stuttered and look up at him, slightly shaking “B-But besides t-that….I haven’t died i-in one day so t-that’s a new r-record”