Prompt #28.5: Golden (Red Light Special Edition)

Hey loves! Soooo, I know I’m supposed to be working on Radar and I have the next chapter started! It will be posted sometime next week. But someone in our Dersha fam just gave me quite the challenge that I wasn’t going to pass up. @ilovederekandahsha wanted to see what went down in that shower scene in my recent prompt Golden. HAHA! 

WARNING: This is explicit and you can contact Dersha and our ship sister for the damage this is about to do. It ain’t my fault. Enjoy ya litte nasties!

One week felt like an eternity. Why on earth would a person say no sex until their wedding day when they lived with a chocolate covered Greek god? What the hell was Ahsha thinking when she suggested they only bond emotionally and mentally for a while? Ahsha still hadn’t set a wedding date but she was tempted to set it for the next day so she could get her some dick. She never was the type to be dickmatized and she vowed to never be that girl, but she was feigning for it. Derek wasn’t helping the situation by constantly walking around shirtless or even naked. He wasn’t playing fair and he knew it was driving his fiancée crazy.

Truth be told, Derek was having a hard time with their truce as well. He tried to get his fiancée to see that the no sex thing wouldn’t last long, but she didn’t hear him out. At least he was truthful with her and he was beginning to see a little give in her request. There were numerous times he caught her staring at him as he stripped down for a shower. Hell, he stared at her too and even noticed her bottom was getting a little plumper from working out. The woman was poison and would be the death of him if he didn’t get some soon. They hadn’t even set a date yet which meant they could be waiting another year to have sex. Derek wanted to make the first move but he didn’t want her to see him fail. She was the one who created the truce and he wouldn’t be the one to break it. Nope.

“What’s wrong with you,” Ahsha asked, as she watched Derek complete his workouts for the day. The way he was slamming the weights down presented an obvious irritation of some sort. Was it wrong that his irritation was turning her on? The way his muscles were bulging and the sweat dripped down his ripped stomach…no Ahsha you must control yourself. But look at the way his ass tightens as he does squats. Here she was thinking with her womanly goods instead of sticking to her guns.

“Nothing, just killing myself with this workout. What’s up,” he replied, eyeing her long legs sticking out from her spandex shorts. What made her wear those and was she trying to get him to cave first? He was so tempted to get on his knees and beg her.

“Nothing. I’m done with my book so I thought I’d come check on you. I’m headed back upstairs now,” Ahsha said, slowly turning on her heel.

“Okay,” he answered, throwing her a small smile as he continued his workout.

“Okay. See you soon.”

Derek shook his head as she sashayed away. “Okay.”

Once she was up in the room, she threw herself face down on the bed and let out a muffled scream. She couldn’t be the one to ruin her own idea and Derek would of course love to say ‘I told you so’. Flipping on her back, she sprawled out across the silky comforter. Before she knew it, she had dozed off.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” Derek whispered against her temple. When he finished his workout he found Ahsha sound asleep across their bed. She looked too peaceful to wake up, so he let her sleep for a few hours. “You’ve been sleep for three hours.”

“Really? Geez, I guess I didn’t realize I was that tired. You done with your workouts for the day,” she asked, yawning and stretching her tight muscles.

“Yep. Finally,” he sighed as he stretched out next to her. The pair lay facing each other, both of them not able to keep their eyes from lingering over the other’s body. “What?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she teased, grazing his leg with her toes. “You’re getting sweat all over the bed. That’s gross.”

“How about I get this sweat all over you,” he shot back, raising a brow.

“Derek, I swear if you-ahhhhh! Ewww,” Ahsha cried, as Derek attacked her in tickles and a sweat laced hug. “That is disgusting!”

“But you love it,” Derek replied, hopping up from the bed and heading towards the bathroom. He made sure to remove his shirt and shorts before reaching the door, giving her a peek at his bare ass.

“Was that really necessary,” Ahsha grumbled, rolling her eyes. Derek simply smirked and closed the door behind him.

Maybe I should have gotten that vibrator from the Naughty House last week, Ahsha thought to herself. What was a girl supposed to do when a man kept teasing her all day? Ahsha kicked her feet in frustration, knocking the pillows to the floor. “Fuck it,” she growled to herself while storming to the bathroom. She busted through the door just as Derek turned the strong jet stream shower on, drowning out Ahsha’s footsteps. She couldn’t get out of her spandex shorts and shirt fast enough. The steam from the shower literally had it sticking to her skin. Derek was still unaware of her presence as she slid the glass door to the side and stepped inside the steamy space. At first she stood and enjoyed the view before Derek turned around and almost jumped out of his skin. “Whoa! What are you doing in here,” he asked, taking in her naked appearance. The way the water was rolling down her skin had him wishing he was one of those water droplets. He had to internally curse himself out for that thought.

“I can’t do it,” Ahsha answered, roughly pushing Derek against the wall.  

“Do what,” he quizzed, knowing exactly what she was talking about. His hands fell to her hips as his back collided with the cool tile of the shower. “Ohhhh, do that. Now I thought you said-“ Before he could even finish his sentence, her lips were on his.  The warmth of her lips in the already steaming shower, only added fuel to the fire. Ahsha took complete control of the kiss, biting and pulling at his bottom lip. Her curious hands caressed his muscled chest, traveling down his abs before making their next adventure to his hardening piece. Ahsha smiled against his lips. “Hey…hey…you sure you wanna do this? I mean, this would end the truce we made.”

“Screw that truce, it was the dumbest decision I ever made,” she piped, her hand still wrapped around his length.

Maybe it was the wait getting to him but he could literally melt in her hand. “I could have told you that,” he added, taking her face between his hands. They grinned at each other, anticipating the other’s next move. The shower seemed to get smaller as the heat intensified between the lovers. Ahsha closed the space between them with another kiss, her tongue grazing his before plunging into his mouth. That’s all it took for Derek to finally grab and thighs and wrap them around his waist. Right away, their hands were all over each other, between messy kisses and explicit banter.

Suddenly, Ahsha was lowered back to the floor. “Don’t tell me you’ve chickened out on me,” Ahsha whispered, raising a brow.

“Ha! Turn around,” he crooned.


“Turn around,” he repeated, gently pushing her towards the glass doors. Ahsha hesitated but she turned around, only to have Derek step up behind her. Bending her forward and placing his hands on her hips, he began guiding himself into her slick center. Her knees almost buckled from the pleasure that soared through her body. The impact could be felt from her hair follicles all the way down to her toes. What was she thinking when she decided to give this up until her wedding night?

“Derrreeek,” she gasped, her hands colliding with the steamy shower door. They were both under the strong stream of the shower head, making the moment even more erotic. The feeling was so intense she could barely stay positioned against the glass. Fully inside her womanly abyss, Derek began slow, fluid movements. The sounds of their sex echoed off the walls of the shower, creating a beautiful song. “I-I..I can’t,” Ahsha moaned, her legs beginning to shake.

“I gotchu baby,” Derek responded, only quickening the pace, pushing Ahsha further with each thrust.

Her legs grew weaker as the pleasure between her thighs had her throwing her head back.  “I can’t hold on much-mu longer.”

The whimpers and moans filling the shower and the tightening of Ahsha’s center around his length had him on edge. “Jesus,” she cried out, her hands sliding down the shower doors. Her legs were going to give out any second. Sensing her closeness, Derek quickly pulled out and turned her back around. “What are you doi-ahhhh,” she shrieked as he lifted her thighs with ease and positioned her against the glass door.

“Better,” he asked, the cocky grin forming on his lips as her eyes rolled back in her head. The man was trying to kill her. “Oh no, open those eyes baby. Come on look at me.” He began a smooth rhythm, while coaxing her center with his fingers. The pair stared at one another as Derek picked up the rhythm and Ahsha bucked her hips to match his.

“I’m close,” she muttered against his neck, placing open mouth kisses against his wet skin. The feeling of ecstasy began building up in her stomach. With one last thrust of her hips, Ahsha experienced one of the most earth shattering orgasms she had ever had. “Argggggh!” She couldn’t even unwrap her legs because she didn’t want to lose the feeling.

“Told you we wouldn’t make it,” Derek said, after a long moment of silence. He finally lowered her back to the floor and turned off the shower.

“You could have said no,” she shot back, wringing out her long locks.

“Tuh, like I really would do that. Let’s get out of here, I’m burning up,” Derek suggested, opening the shower door, letting the steam escape into the bathroom. He laughed at the hand prints marking the glass doors. Ahsha slowly stepped out of the shower, her legs completely failing her but she didn’t want to give Derek the pleasure of knowing that.

“Need some help,” he asked, turning to grab her hand. “Made them legs shaky huh?”

“Shut up.”  The couple grabbed two towels and made their way to the bedroom, where they began drying off. Derek looked satisfied with himself as he watched his fiancée rub down her legs and arms. Feeling his gaze, Ahsha glanced up at him. “What?”

“Oh nothing,” he grinned. As he reached for the lotion, he felt a soft touch on his back. He turned to find Ahsha standing directly behind him with her own bottle of lotion in tow. The expression on her face said she was up to no good. “And what do you think you’re doing?”

“Get on the bed,” she demanded. Derek followed her instructions as she climbed on top of him, still holding the bottle of lotion. She squirted some in her hand and began rubbing it on his chest. Her hands made a slow pattern to his shoulders as she massaged the creamy liquid into his beautiful brown skin. A devious smile fell upon her lips before she trailed down to his rippled stomach. Ducking her head, she began placing tender kisses on his abdominal muscles, while her curious hand fell to his piece.

“Damn girl,” was all Derek could muster up as her hand began moving up and down, preparing him for a second round of her loving. His length stiffened against the softness of her hand, prompting her to sit back up and position herself on top of him.

“I hope you’re ready for another round,” she teased, sinking down on him until he filled her completely. She began a slow and teasing wine, while staring down at the gorgeous man under her. He smiled back up at her as he placed his hands on her mocha thighs. Her ragged breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the master bedroom. Derek focused his attention on her breasts as she rode him like he was Seabiscuit in a horse race. Head thrown back and hands on his chest, she truly was in a different world. Ahsha didn’t want the moment to end but once again her body was failing her. The next orgasm hit them both like a ton of bricks, causing Ahsha to concave inward as Derek tightly gripped her hips as he released inside of her.

The next few moments were full of heavy breathing and an occasional stroke of one another’s skin. They were just enjoying the warmth of their bodies while falling off their highs. “Do you think we can start over on the truce,” Ahsha asked softly, her dainty fingers stroking Derek’s chest.

Derek pulled back to get a look at her face. Was she kidding? “You serious?”

“Hell no,” she laughed loudly.  The quiet moment was soon interrupted by their loud banter back and forth about the truce they made a week ago.

Two months later, they received quite the surprise.

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Radar-Chapter 3

Hey loves, here is another installment of Radar. Again, thank you for all your support on this! Enjoy!

Chapter 1   Chapter 2

Ahsha could tell it was Saturday morning by the smell of coffee and Frankie Beverly blasting from the backyard. It was time to get up and start on her chores if she wanted to have them done before the homecoming dance later that night. She quickly hopped out of bed and drug herself to the bathroom. Once she made it downstairs to begin her routine of cleaning the living room and kitchen, Sloane was already out in her garden.

“Need any help out here,” Ahsha asked, sliding the patio door shut and stepping out into the blazing sun.

“You’re just trying to get out of cleaning up that kitchen. I’m not crazy,” Sloane chuckled. “But you can pick those tomatoes over there. They are ripe and ready to go.”

Ahsha sat next to her mother and pulled the tin bucket to her side. “What are you planting now?”

“Green beans and cabbage. You do realize that you aren’t leaving this house until that kitchen and living room are done right? Don’t play cute and think I’ll forget.”

“I know, I know. I just wanted to spend some time with my beautiful mother before the dance tonight,” Ahsha replied sweetly, fluttering her lashes.

“You can’t butter me up either. Curfew is still 12am missy,” her mother shot back without even looking up at her. The motherly instincts were in full swing. “But make sure you enjoy this night since it’s your last homecoming. Before you know it, graduation will be here.” Ahsha could hear the crack in her mother’s voice as she continued talking. “You’re not my little jelly bean butt anymore.”

That nickname had been given to Ahsha by her grandmother. When Ahsha was little she would stuff jelly beans in her diaper during Easter. It was her way of sneaking the candies that her mother didn’t let her have because it always had her jumping off the walls. Things got messy when Sloane went to change her baby’s diaper and all the jelly beans were either melted or smashed. “Aww, I’ll still come visit you on my breaks.”

“So that means you’ve decided somewhere else other than USC?”

“Nope, haven’t chosen a college yet. Ugh, I’ve been so stressed out these last few weeks,” she admitted, sighing loudly.

Sloane wiped her hands on her towel and sat forward. “Talk to me, what’s going on? Classes, German…” Ahsha’s gaze fell to her hands, a habit she had picked up when she got nervous. “German. You already know how I feel about him. I’m assuming you two are having problems?”

“Yea…he’s not being the nicest guy right now. And-well I think I like someone else,” Ahsha said, wiping at her eyes. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it anymore. We haven’t talked at all this week except through texts. I get the feeling that there is another girl in the picture, but I don’t want to assume.”

Sloane wasn’t the type of mother to say ‘I told you so’ because she had been in her daughter’s position. It sucked to have your heart broken and Sloane did not want to see her daughter’s heart broken either. “Can I be honest with you?”

“Go ahead, hit me with the ‘I told you so’,” she sighed.

“Now you know I would never say that. But I can tell you that those feelings you are feeling are probably right. A woman has a certain intuition. I’m not saying jump to conclusions but I would talk to him about your feelings. Keeping it inside will only cause you pain,” Sloane explained.

“And if he doesn’t listen?”

“Trust me, most men don’t listen baby. But I’d advise you talk to him about your feelings. Communication is very important in any relationship.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to him when I go down there for homecoming weekend.”

“Good. Now get in there and do your chores,” Sloane urged, nodding her head toward the house. “I can finish up in the garden.” Ahsha kissed her mother’s cheek before running back into the cool kitchen.



Finally the big night arrived and Ahsha had finished her chores just in time to get ready. She curled her hair in big, loose curls that framed her face. Her makeup was simple since she wasn’t the best at applying it herself. Finishing her look with a statement red lip, she was finally ready to put on her figure hugging white dress. People would be shocked to see the dancer in a dress when she mostly wore jeans and t-shirts. When they did have school dances, she usually wore dresses that didn’t show off her beautiful shape. Ahsha wasn’t comfortable with showing her shapely legs and light curves to the world. It was bad enough that all the Devil Girls wore was a short skirt and crop top for their uniform. The boys in school always got a hoot out of that which was why Ahsha covered her body. Horny teenage boys were the worst! Putting on her stiletto sandals, she took one last look at herself in the mirror before going to meet her dates for the night…Kyle and Raquel.

“Bow chica wow wow,” Kyle sung, blowing smoke from an imaginary gun. “You look hot!”

“Thanks, you sure this dress doesn’t make my butt look too big,” Ahsha asked, turning in a circle.

“Uhhh yeah it makes it look very big, but that’s the point. Come on, let’s hit the road! Bye Ms. Hayes,” Raquel replied, waving to Sloane as she pulled Ahsha towards the door.

“Have fun ladies and please be safe. Ahsha you know your curfew,” Sloane warned, waving the trio off as she watched them run to Kyle’s Jeep.

“We will,” they called out.

The music could be heard outside the gym before they even walked in. Homecoming was always lit at LAHS and often led to some type of drama. With the student body being very large, the dance took place in the gym and also spilled outside into the back of the school. As the trio walked into the gym, they ran into Jelena Howard who had clearly had alcohol before arriving. If any of the chaperones got close enough, they would smell the liquor on her breath.

“Watch where you’re going,” she spat, cutting her eyes at Ahsha, although she was the one stumbling around on her heels.

“I think you’re the one who ran into me,” Ahsha shot back, rolling her eyes and pushing past the drunk captain.

“Whoa, baby watch where you’re walking,” Terrence soothed, grabbing Jelena’s hand. “Excuse us ladies.”

“Mmmhhhmmm,” Kyle hummed. “That girl is drunker than a whore at the Kentucky derby.” They all shook their heads as they headed toward the table of food and drinks.

“I don’t get why she gets drunk like that at every dance and how she gets away with it. How does she even get liquor,” Raquel continued.

“Because she’s Jelena Howard and can do no wrong. That’s why,” Ahsha added, eating at a chicken wing. She piled four more on her plate before moving on to the next dish.

“You better wipe that grease off your face, Derek Roman at twelve o’clock,” Kyle warned, handing her friend a napkin. Ahsha rushed to wipe the chicken grease from her lips and cheek, before placing her plate on the table.  

“You look beautiful,” Derek complimented, eyeing her body from head to toe. “Hey ladies.”

“Hi,” Kyle and Raquel sang, letting out girlish giggles.

“We’ll be over here eating. You two have fun,” Kyle expressed, pulling Raquel away from the pair. Ahsha could hear them whispering as they walked to the other side of the gym.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with them,” Ahsha replied, shaking her head. “But thanks. You look handsome.”  And he did. Derek was wearing a black sweater that hugged his muscles in all the right places, paired with black slacks and dress shoes. His cologne was intoxicating along with the look he was giving her.

“Thank you,” he replied. “You nervous about tonight?”

“You talking about Homecoming Queen? Puhlease, I don’t care about that stuff. It’s just a plastic crown to make people feel like they’re something they aren’t. I’m sure Jelena is going to win anyway.”

Derek frowned. “You don’t know that. People like you, so they probably voted. If it makes you feel any better I voted for you.”

“Aww, thanks. I voted for you too, since you’ve been all nice lately. Please tell me that’s not why you’ve been talking to me so much,” Ahsha joked, but she noticed a slight pang of pain in Derek’s face.

“You really think that? I’m not that type of dude Ahsha. I know I come off as the cocky jock but I’m not an asshole….well not all the time at least,” he answered, clearly offended.

“I didn’t mean anything by that. You’re just…we don’t hang out or anything…” her voice faded when she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“We could hang out, I mean if you want to,” the player suggested, raising a brow.

“I have a boyfriend,” Ahsha blurted out. Things were beginning to get very complicated and it was frightening. She was beginning to have feelings for another guy that wasn’t her boyfriend. German was the first serious relationship she had been in and in the beginning it was like a fairytale. Now since he was gone off to college, their relationship wasn’t the same and it was becoming obvious that things were headed in the wrong direction. One thing Ahsha feared was failing at a relationship. Here she was forming feelings for a guy she hadn’t had a serious conversation with since elementary school. All of a sudden she peaked his interest and he couldn’t stay away from her? Ahsha was no fool and refused to fall for Derek’s game. “Um, I have to go,” she mumbled, briskly walking off towards Kyle and Raquel. She was going to call German as soon as she got home. They needed to talk…badly.


Towards the end of the night, the student council president, Sidney, stepped on the stage with two envelopes. “I hope you all are having a great time so far! The student council spent countless days and hours planning this and I must say things turned out great. Don’t you agree?!” The students applauded as Sidney smiled back at the crowd. “Thank you. Now I’m sure you all don’t want to hear me talk so who’s ready to find out the homecoming royalty? I’ll begin with the prince and princess. May I have last year’s prince, princess, king and queen come up on the stage please? Your prince is Timothy Smith and your princess is Liz Freeman. Congratulations to the two of you. And for your king and queen…this year’s king is Derek Roman and his queen…oh wow…Ahsha Hayes! Come and collect your crowns and then we’ll get to the royalty dance. Congrats to all!”

The crowd gasped as the winner of Homecoming Queen was announced. Jelena Howard stood frozen in place, holding the crown up to her head like she assumed she was the winner. Derek was already up on the stage being crowned and turned around and held his hand out for Ahsha to take.

“Go on up there,” Raquel gushed, pushing her friend forward.

“Go up there and claim your prize girl,” Kyle added, helping Ahsha to the stage.

Ahsha made her way to the end of the stage and grabbed Derek’s waiting hand. He helped her up the steps and across the stage to a scowling Jelena.

Jelena smirked as she placed the crown on top of Ahsha’s curls and pressed it down a little too hard. “Sorry,” she hissed, stepping to the side and faking applause.

“Okay, now clear the middle of the floor so we can have our royalty dance. You all look beautiful and congrats again,” Sidney said, motioning for the DJ to play a slow song. Justin Bieber’s song All that Matters blared through the speakers.

“Congratulations,” Derek crooned, as they reached the middle of the floor.

“Thanks. Same to you.”

“Where should I put my hands,” Derek asked, holding his hands up.

“On my waist,” Ahsha replied, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck. She hadn’t been this close to any guy other than German. German didn’t even enjoy slow dancing because he thought it was corny.

“Alright boss.” Derek placed his hands on Ahsha’s small waist as they began to sway to the beat. “You sure your boyfriend won’t freak out about this if he finds out?”

“I don’t know.” She hoped he didn’t feel her heart beating hard against her chest, because they weren’t dancing like those children at middle school dances. Their bodies were touching and she could even feel his breath tickling her nose. Derek didn’t take his eyes off of her. His gaze was so fixated on her it began to feel like they were the only ones left in the room. Ahsha finally let her eyes meet with his after she had stared at his chest to kill the awkwardness.

Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky
I need you to shine in my life

Little did Ahsha know, Derek was as nervous as she was at the moment. Although they had been knowing each other since grade school, he didn’t pay attention to how beautiful she was until high school. It wasn’t just her physical beauty either. Ahsha had a way of making people feel at ease when they were around her. He had a lot of thoughts on his mind day in and day out but when he was around her those thoughts went away. In the back of his mind he knew he would never end up with a girl like Ahsha. He had broken too many hearts and played too many mind games. Plus she had a boyfriend, although he didn’t see that lasting much longer. Even after German disappeared, why would she give him a chance when he would probably break her heart too?

You’re all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,
Ain’t worried about nobody else

The feeling of his hands on her waist began to get comfortable as Ahsha continued staring into his eyes. This was a different Derek from the cocky athlete she bumped into around school. His eyes held so much pain and mystery. It was hard to admit that she liked him. She liked someone other than the guy she had spent two years of her life with. But Derek all of sudden became interested in her. There was no history between the two of them and that bugged her. They didn’t grow up as best friends or even enemies. There was nothing between them and he suddenly talked to her every day and even began sitting at her lunch table. This was wrong. Just because her relationship of two years was failing, she had no right to have feelings for another person. Even with a million thoughts running through her mind, Ahsha rested her head on Derek’s shoulder and got comfort from that.

You’re the only girl I see

From the bottom of my heart, please believe

 Jelena stood on the stage glaring down at the new Homecoming Queen. Earlier that evening, she overheard Pete and Olivia sharing a secret that would break Ahsha’s little heart. Ahsha Hayes had been stealing all of her shine lately and it was in her best interest to knock her down a few notches. She may have taken the crown from Jelena, but the captain still reigned LAHS and she was about to show Ahsha why. The angry dancer grabbed the microphone and motioned for the DJ to stop the song. “That’s it. We should stop before people start making babies up in here. Again, congratulations to all our new homecoming royalty. It was a pleasure serving as queen and princess during my time at LAHS. I’m glad to pass that honor on to Ahsha Hayes. Coach Davenport, aren’t you proud of your daughter? Everyone give it up for Ahsha Davenport, I mean Hayes.”

A collective gasp filled the gym as Ahsha looked around in horror. What was Jelena talking about? Sloane had told Ahsha her father moved back to Montana after she was born. Ahsha had asked several times to visit him but her mother told her she couldn’t get in touch with him. Her eyes traveled around the gym until they landed on Pete Davenport who was looking back at her in sheer sorrow. A lump began to form in Ahsha’s throat as she ran out of the crowded gym and out the back doors of the school. All she wanted to do was disappear.

Derek shook his head as he took off after the runaway dancer.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed!

I don’t own the song used in this fic, it belongs to Justin Bieber! Thank you for suggesting this song dancinwiththedevilblog and thank you all for your suggestions and voting! And again, thank you bossbee828 for the story idea.

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"Hey Flaky~ How have you been?" Disco smiled to the young red head. (Discobearprince)

Flaky smiled back at the afro headed boy “G-Good…..I took F-Flippy’s jacket….Do you think h-he’ll be mad t-to see me with it??” She stuttered and look up at him, slightly shaking “B-But besides t-that….I haven’t died i-in one day so t-that’s a new r-record”