Creepypasta #473: Sink

The rash of sinkholes appearing in the last decade succeeded in raising a few eyebrows in the petroleum industry. This was escalated even more so when the biggest to date opened in Russia. At 80 meters wide and no information on how deep, it confused most and plain scared everyone else. Not wanting to catch flak from the hippies that wouldn’t shut their hookah holes about the dangers of fracking, the decision makers decided to investigate the matter with their own people.

They sent a team of spelunkers into the hole attached to a few thousand meters of strong cable. Executives went about their business with the expedition in the back of their minds. Roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes later frantic phone calls from the site were made to their offices and conference rooms. Most of the cables had somehow been severed, and of the dozen spelunkers that entered the hole, only one was pulled out. She was dead and hardly recognizable. Due to the excitement and a garbled connection, the consensus of the room was that the voice on the phone said she was “deceased”. It wasn’t until later when the recording was analyzed that their mistake was recognized.

They didn’t say “deceased”.

They said “digested”.

Credits to: ALLFATHER2233

piipuli asked:

One of the things I dislike the most about both Sakura and Hinata fandoms is their overused "internalized misogynyzz" which is just a very typical sjw tactic meant to scare the opponent. Hinata and Sakura should be criticised just as much as everyone else. I know this is a problem in other fandoms as well but here it seems to be even worse.

It’s a tumblr fandom thing. Male characters in this series got as much flak, if you’re on youtube, people were telling Obito to die cos his obsession with Rin. Naruto got so much hate for chasing Sasuke (despite saving friends from dark path is his trope as a shonen MC) What misogyny? If anything I think Sakura and Hinata already got less hate than the male characters, cos people expected less from their characters. Hinata had it easier cos she’s obsessing over the right character, she got a free pass cos Naruto fans think Naruto is entitled to have a fangirl.

kanna-raimi asked:

Do you really think reblogging those "down with cis" posts are helping you? Don't hate on cis people, educate those who disrespect trans and non-binary people

First of all, I am cis. 100%, whole cloth. So it’s really not me I’m trying to “help” by reblogging those posts. The problem with making comments like yours (and trust me, I understand they come from a good place—I used to say the same thing myself) is that it continues to place, as those in power always have, all of the impetus on the oppressed to solve their own problem, to as quietly and harmlessly as possible extract themselves from a problem they didn’t create. When you or I say “hate doesn’t solve hate” or the like, we’re telling people that 1. we have no responsibility to fix the mess we have been complicit in our entire lives, and 2. that we’re not mature enough to catch any of the well-deserved flak for it either. Honestly, people with privilege will always need to pull it together and know how to take a little bit of acidity; oppressed people have to deal with it every day. That’s all I’m gonna say about that because there’s so many better-articulated opinions out there that say what I’m saying but much, much more clearly. Oh, and for the record, the entire point of those “down with cis” posts is making a joke of the ridiculous levels anti-sjws will go to to shut down trans advocacy. Do you know the context? It comes from a text post claiming that people wearing “down with cis” shirts pulled up in a freaking party bus and leapt out to attack two strangers they assumed were cis before being physically fended them off by the OP. Who do you think THAT is helping?

gonna post this here bc I don’t feel like getting flak from ppl who are in denial that they do this but I HATE when ppl in recovery say things like “im just losing weight idk why ::::(” like I know there are other conditions that result from long term self abuse that can make it hard to gain weight after being underweight and/or symptomatic but that’s so passive to say that bc u know exactly why you’re losing weight? bc u have an eating disorder and you’re having symptoms? WHICH IS OK SHIT HAPPENS trust me I know that ten times over but like acknowledge that. don’t sit there and act like you’re just having the life sucked out of you it generally requires conscious decisions to act on urges to lose weight and it frustrates me that people constantly pass the buck, so to speak

this is kinda bitchy and sub tweet-y but it makes me so angry bc I used to see that kind of shit and be so triggered by it bc it makes it sound like eating disorders are just magic diets and they’re not like if you’re losing weight you are more than likely having symptoms don’t sit there and pretend that you’re doing everything you can and just mysteriously withering away

eating disorders are not a choice but recovery always is

anonymous asked:

biological sex is literally your physical genitalia that you are born with I'm sorry for all that flak you've been getting over it and that last ask seems to help point people to what your trying to say

You obviously don’t know the medical definition of “biological sex”.

This is the menacing FlaKturm VII G-Tower (FlaKtower). Built in 1942 it was armed with 8 AA 128mm Guns 32 20mm AA guns.

These bunkers were virtually 20th century citadels where up to 20,000  people could seek shelter during bombings.

Flakturm VII G-Tower Augarten, Vienna