So this is the result of a week’s work. I know I have not finished with the shadowing but frankly, I am always lazy with that step and the background. It’s the first time I draw Shisui, so please forgive me if he looks weird. This picture may count as a headcanon, since Hikaru keeps photographs of her with Shisui and Itachi, even after Shisui’s death and Itachi’s betrayal. Hikaru was 13 at the time, had shorter hair, recently became chuunin and still used her own outfit instead of the standard Konoha flak jacket that she wears now. 

DEDICATED TO: fwogs, the very first Shisui blog I’ve roleplayed with

In 1942, German designers started the development of a new series, the Grille 10, which would utilize chassis and components of various tanks and use them as mountings for various heavy weapons.  This such example was a PzKpfw IV with its turret replaced by an 8,8 cm FlaK 37 anti-aircraft gun. The design did not make it past the prototype stage.

In the snow in late 1944 or early 1945: a 2cm SS FlaK 38 crew during defensive
operations. During the war these formidable weapons were found in SS mechanized FlaK battalions. German divisions also had additional anti-aircraft platoons and companies in their Panzergrenadier, Panzer and artillery regiments. However, by 1945 they were badly depleted with low stocks of ammunition.