TO DO LIST: San Japan 2011

Cosplays Lined Up

  • Near from Death Note
  • Kagome from Inu-Yasha
  • Leaf Green Pokemon Trainer from Leaf Green
  • Secret Doctor Who cosplay ;D
  • Idris / Sexy Tardis Lady

What needs to be done/bought

  • Pants need to be made for Near
  • Seifuku for Kagome
  • Props for Kagome
  • Wig for Kagome
  • Outfit for Leaf Green
  • Vileplume prop for Leaf Green
  • Outfit for Idris
  • Finish up secret Doctor Who cosplay

Break downs of to do list

  • Purchase boots (Idris), loafers (Kagome), regular shoes/tennis shoes to modify (Leaf Green), boots (Secret), Red shoes (Sakura), tennis shoes (Mokuba), and nice, fancy heels (Haruhi)
  • Scout out potential fabrics for each cosplay (ugh)
  • Draft patterns for Kagome, Sakura, Idris**, and Haruhi**
  • Plan props 
  • Budget cosplay to spend less than $200/a fifth of summer income all summer

Cleaning out my room to look for things to put on display on my new shelf. Definitely need to display this. 

My first ever Big Bang light stick. I wish I had the money to get the newer one that’s all bling’ed out…but at the same time this just reminds me how long Big Bang has been with me. ah <3 

I was trying to figure out what to wear for tonight’s Christmas party….AND THEN I FOUND THIS VEST FOR ONLY A DOLLAR. A QUILTED, HOLIDAY VEST. I LOVE THAT ITS TOO BIG IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES *o* OH MY GOSH. This changes everything. EVERYTHING. 

Will post an outfit after I wrap up my secret santa present! :D


My friends (Paro Paro featuring JAC Productions) and I did a skit at San Japan and won our open division. Hope you guys like it!

I was Kagome (girl in the green and white seifuku) and I died like a bamf <3 AH SO HAPPY I GOT TO “kill” HER ON STAGE XD;

Ps props to the audience member who did “Whoo!” when she died!

Dear Followers

As of late I have been a bad tumblr-er due to various reasons. I need to fix that.

But for now I will update you on what’s been going on with my life:

1) Did not make a 4.0 this term….slightly disappointed but that makes me want to work harder next term. Partially my fault for taking my final so lightly, completely forgetting that it was HALF of my final grade. gehhhhhhh~ It’s okay. a 3.77 isn’t that bad right? (I hate myself so much for worrying about these things…but I have never wanted to study abroad more in my life than now)

2) I am on spring break (as of last Wed) YAYY!! BACK HOME IN TEXAS! YAYYY!!!

3) Alas I have fallen ill. It really sucks considering I had so many plans and things to do other than sleep all day…but hey. Better to be sick home than at school; ILUPARENTS <3

4) My room is pretty! grant it it will simply be the guest room while I am gone but that’s okay. 

5) I have been listening to Girl’s Day’s comeback single “Twinkle Twinkle”; it’s extremely cutesy but I can’t help but love it!

Got these a couple of days ago BUT totally found a new stash of Teen Titans at Half Price Books along with a two Batman and Robin comics~

BWAHAHA I got Kim and Maria to help me sift the remaining stock of comic books and managed to find:

  • Batman and Robin #20 from April 2011
  • Batman and Robin #4 from February 2012
  • Teen Titans #42 from February 2007
  • Teen Titans #57 from May 2008
  • Teen Titans #58 from June 2008
  • Teen Titans #92 from April 2011
  • Teen Titans #97 from September 2011
  • Teen Titans #99 from October 2011