I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about this because it really truly bothers me.

In season 3 they are introducing Francis Dolarhyde (my absolute favorite serial killer), but I think it said he wasn’t going to be introduced till episode 8. There are only 13 episodes per season. Are they seriously going to try and wrap up the Red Dragon story in a mere 5 episodes? 

I have been excited for Bryan Fuller to do Red Dragon since I read the book and I will be so upset if he tries to wrap it up in less than half a season. The Great Red Dragon deserves more than 5 episodes.

And also, I heard they’re introducing Reba McClane too (which is awesome), but what about Molly and Willy? Are they going to be introduced to? Or will they be left to a different season? And if they intend to wrap up the Red Dragon in season 3, then it’s our last season with Will Graham, unless Bryan Fuller decides to write him into Silence of the Lambs… ?

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