I do not care for this thing we call mankind
Humanity, civility are pretty words of filigree

I do not care for politics and political correctness
A spade is a spade no matter their gilded cage

I do not care about your sex’s and ex’s and your drama
Expressive dance and colourful pictures and a cute Llama

I do not care about your gods, your dogma and self flagellation
What is will be, regardless of prophecy and philosophy

I do not care about the you and me
I can not see what you wish me to be

I do not care this all is nothing to me
My journey, this moment, this me
I care that I don’t care because
It just does not matter to me. 

i need 2 stop self-flagellating and maki gn this about my failure to speak out like wtf im making this about me thats baby sbullshit

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"Sacred Heart," a new film for Hermès directed by Olivia Bee. Starring Tuesday Faust, with Lillie Flagel and Kelcie Rosendahl. Music by Krista Michaela.