This is the Brazilian Intersex Pride Flag.
We, intersex people from Brazil, have chosen this flag to represent us.

-the purple color represents ambiguity; being between the two categories of legitimated bodies (non-intersex bodies).

-the triangle represents Intersex, because, in genetics studies, the circle represents people born with Ovarian Reproductive System (“cisgender females”) and the square represents people born with Testicular Reproductive System (“cisgender males”). So, we chose the triangle to represent intersex diversity. Also, the shape of the inicial ambiguous genitalia that everyone has when they are in the womb/uterus resembles a triangle.

-the white color of the triangle represents a white canvas which can be painted with your own gender. The white represents the gender (or absence of gender) of an intersex person, which could be any gender, because gender =/= physical appearance or genital.

-the green and yellow colors represent the Brazilian nation.