sam winchester is completely and utterly devoted to dean winchester. 

that is all.

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"You're home early," Sherlock said surprised, "date not go well?" "It didn't go at all," John replied, "I went to pick her up and found her shagging her ex on the sofa with the door wide open." "That's unfortunate," Sherlock winced, "have you eaten? We could go to Angelo's." "That would be great," John smiles. "I'll get my coat," Sherlock says getting up. Dinner goes so well that John stops dating women and starts seeing Sherlock.


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"John, what are you doing here?" Mycroft asks shocked to find the army doctor in his flat at two in the morning. "Sherlock broke up with me," John said seriously. "I'm sorry to hear that, I assume you'll be moving out of 221b, I'd be happy to help find you something affordable," Mycroft offered. "What I'd like is for you to convince him that he's made a mistake," John told him. "I'm not sure I'll be able to," Mycroft replied. "Try," John said pointing a gun at him, "or die."

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