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(≚ᄌ≚)ƶƵ - He crept into her bed, sliding over to her side and looking to see if she was really sleeping.

It had been a long day for Eloise. The night couldn’t have come any sooner. Nonetheless, just as she had desired sleep so easily. It didn’t come by as easily as she had hoped. For hours she rested on her side, eyelids half closed as she gaped into the darkness of her room. Only the soft pale moonlight that shone through her window illuminate her surroundings. After what felt like forever, she sighed and closed her eyes, attempting to let sleep override her thoughts.

But sleep never arrived.

She felt her mattress dip downward and her brows began to furrow. Perhaps it was Anna and more than anything, she wanted to act asleep if it were her sister. She would do anything in what little power she had in order to steer clear of a confrontation. Only, this was strange. The presence sent a chill down her spine and it was more than just the eerie sensation that could be called her intuition, but the fact the being was emanating a chilled temperature. Ice?

Eloise’s eyes tightened briefly before they shot open wide. She jerked upright and scrambled backward away from the other initially to protect them from herself. However, it was then she realized she still had her silken pearly white gloves on. Uneven breaths escaping past her lips, she focused her attention on the other who in the traces of moonlight was none other than Ridley. “You think it’s funny trying to creep into my bed in the middle of the night?!” She kept her voice hushed for she didn’t want anyone to hear her beyond her doors.

“What possessed you to think it was okay coming in here to begin with?! Are you mad?! You must leave, right. Now,” she made sure to punctuate her last phrase so that he would get the point that she was very serious. Not only was she concerned about her control but the fact that this was breaking almost every rule in the book as a princess. She was supposed to not see anyone. It was demanded upon her by the king and queen themselves. On top of it, it was simply vile to be sneaking around with people beyond the walls and from other kingdoms.

(Submitted by Katie)

[my comments to the submission are like this]

( 2 Points ) My name: Luna/Sonja

( 2 Points ) My last name: [omitted for personal reasons but right]

( 5 Points ) Take a stab at my middle name: No idea.

( 3 Points ) Who am I in love with: I’m going to be Sebastian Smythe, because you haven’t been with you’re boyfriend long enough for the L word and saying anyone else wuodl be weird. [I definitely love Sebastian. ;)]

( 2 Points ) Hair color: I think it’s red right now. [I actually dyed it brown! :D]

( 2 Points ) What kind of car do I drive: I don’t think you do. [XD Nope. I got my driver’s license over the summer, but… no car. :P]

( 2 Points ) Where do I work/study: Georgia U

( 3 Points ) Something that I am afraid of: I have no idea [Fire and dying alone and whatnot.]

( 2 Points ) Do I smoke: No

( 3 Points ) Do I drink: Not legally.

( 2 Points ) Do I have any siblings: Yes!

( 2 Points ) How many: 1 sister

( 1 Point ) Do I like ‘em: I think so? [Very much so. ^__^]

( 4 Points ) What’s one of my favorite things to do: Flail on tumblr? :P [YES. #LUNAFLAIL]

( 2 Points ) How many piercings do I have: I have no idea. [Zero.]

( 3 Points ) Name a song that I love: Not sure lol. [I don’t even know. It changes so often. Gay Pirates and Little Talks are two I’m obsessed with at the moment.]

( 4 Points ) Am I shy or outgoing: Outgoing

( 3 Points ) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: Uhh, rebel? [I’m kind of a mix? I’ll give it to you because I don’t really fit into either category. XD]

( 2 Points ) What’s my favorite color: Not a clue [Turquoise. :DD]

( 3 Points ) Name something I hate: Bigotry

( 4 Points ) Name a talent I have: Being adorable? [STOP IT. FJDKSALJWEKLFJDS <3]

( 4 Points ) Do I have any pets: Nooo? [A cat! :D]

( 5 Points ) What is the color of my room: Not a clue [Uhh, I think it’s beige at home and white here.]

( 5 Points ) Give me a movie or TV or book quote that I love: Cheating and saying Harry Potter :P Or or or TMI [YUP.]

( 5 Points + on creativeness ) If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring: Um, I think you would bring books. Definitely things to keep you occupied vs. something to get you off.  [fdjskaljwekljfds GOOD YES.]