daegu lotte department store fansign - 150525

during today’s fansign jonghyun learned a new way to tease fans: after he signed (their album) he would hold the album in his hand and pretended to keep stretch. the would (then) raise the album high up and swing his hand left and right, causing that fan to keep chasing his hand to get the album. (source: squishyjinki via shineeu)

Yucatán en el DF. El Makech Púrpura en la Narvarte. Tacos de cochinita y relleno negro; panucho de lechón dorado.


Yucatán in DF. “El Makech Púrpura” in Narvarte neighborhood. Cochinita and relleno negro tacos with roasted suckling pig panucho with delicious burnt edges. Top that with pickled red onions, lime and fiery habanero salsa. #DF #taqueando #mexicanfoodporn #lanarvarte

My folks have Always had some p high expectations of me (since I’m The Completely Neurotypical Child!! Obviously!! So Neurotypical!!) but damn man I never cease to be amazed by the fact that I’m Always Wrong and not ever allowed to get upset at anything they do, yanno, because I’m Always Wrong and everything is my fault,


daegu lotte department store fansign - 150525
dancing along to “view”.
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