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An out take from a shoot for Fixation Magazine’s QuickFix Issue 11.
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Also featuring photographs by : marisa pike, sisilia piring, henry gaudier-greene and julian humphries

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Harry Potter Post

I wish it were possible for everyone in the world to hide everything Harry Potter related for years, to literally erase the series from history….just so the children of tomorrow could experience the magic from the very start like we all did! I would truly do anything to be able to watch my children fall in love with the series from the second they read “Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived” to the point they read “All was well.” It would be the greatest and most magical coverup in history!!!

Einstein said: once you can accept universe as matter expanding into nothing, that is something. Let’s get this straight, time is expandable space at presence of truth, clears any vision, any revision. Time never made sense, space still does. Lies or illusions or senseless psihotic inceptions only narrow people’s mind, and their nerves are streched by those who don’t know something else but truth.
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