FIXED WEEKEND RIGA by Hristina Šatalova

She Fix + Cycle Me Home + Tru Fix Kru 

The Red Bull Tru Fix Kru event was born last year and took place again this year. Shefix girls decided that it would be nice to add something and to make this a chain of events – a fixed weekend. Some time ago we got in touch with Cycle Me Home team (thanks to the praise of Quique Arias) and step by step the idea of meeting and hosting the screening in Riga became real. In order to show them our beautiful city and with their own initiative, an idea of a nightride appeared. And what would be a fixed weekend without a minidrome competition, right? So we had it figured out: Friday – nightride  + a mini BBQ party, Saturday – minidrome competition + CMH screening, Sunday (the big day) – the Red Bull Tru Fix Kru obstacle race.

The nightride, which turned out to be a sunset ride happened in a nice, friendly atmosphere, visiting our favorite spots of the city. The next day was quite a lazy one, but we managed to visit the European championship in BMX and to get in time to the minidrome competition at Piens, where 14 guys and 8 girls challenged each other. The competition was tough, but Shefix girls kept the best positions: 1st Marika, 2nd Hristina, 3rd /4th Linda/Emīlija.

In the evening, the CMH movie screening gathered tired but happy people in the same bowl-like minidrome. And they loved it. The humor, the attitude, the story, the views of the Cycle Me Home team inspired many, we bet. We can´t wait for your next movie, guys.

And the bloody Sunday was just around the corner. Around 70 guys and 8 girls took part in that adrenaline-crash-blood madness. The closer the finals the more often the falls and crashes. All the girls were brave and showed jaw-dropping attitude. The kicker, the wall-ride and the thin board over an improvised pool gave the biggest fear, but there were no quitters. You crash, it hurts as hell, you get up and continue. Big hooray to our new fighters Agnese, Beāte, Paula and Elīna! You are full of surprises, girls. Emīlija, Linda, Marika and Hristina survived till the finals. The final ride among girls was the most rad. Hristina managed to get in front at the beginning, Linda was second, Marika third and then Linda crashed badly in the middle of the track. So the podium was taken in the following way: 4th Linda with a bleeding leg just out of an Ambulace van, 3rd Emily who crashed but got up ad crossed the finished line, 2nd Marika, and 1st Hristina.

The weekend passed successfully and a great feeling of satisfaction gives us energy to make the next crazy plans. You will hear about us more!