More FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS, this time I wanted to show off the t-shirts that I designed up for every racer that took part in the event! They feature a quote spoken by PJ in BÖIKZMÖIND, one that always makes me smile whenever I watch the film, and it felt like the perfect fit to be displayed proud on a t-shirt, so thanks to him for his wise words!

The tee features PJ’s quote on the front, with a BÖIKZMÖIND label sewn in at the hem and the FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS / BOIKZ / State Bicycle Co. logo on the rear. A HUGE thank you goes out to Whiteduck Screenprint, who printed all of these beauties up at no charge and were given out to every racer (we had so many entrants that we ran out of tee’s!), so if you ever need any screen printing, then you know where to go: www.whiteduckscreenprint.co.uk

I hope you like the tee’s, they were great fun to design up and it gave me the most proud feeling to see everyone rocking them on the day! You can see more shots of them here on Facebook!

- Gav

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When putting together the ideas for BÖIKZMÖIND’s FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS, the chip shop-based fixed gear race that happened just last weekend, I wanted to do something special for the first prize. Inspired by Andy McMillan’s most excellent BUILD conference, I wanted to pay attention to all the details. So when picking up a little wooden chip fork on a weekly #ChipShopRide, it got me thinking to what could be done for a trophy for the event!

I got chatting with my good friend Tom Milner, who by day is a digital developer at Aardman Digital but by night is a dab hand at carving and crafting (amongst many other things, including fronting a doom band and being a national champion archer - a talented man indeed!).

We talked about what was possible, and I asked if carving a giant version of the tiny little chip fork was something he would be up for doing and he very kindly agreed to give it a go… and what you see above is the fruits of his labour. I think you’ll agree, they’re flipping beautiful! The two different kinds of wood are because one trophy was for 1st placed man and the other for 1st placed woman, so the different types of wood give them their own individual style.

After Tom had finished meticulously craving the forks and then lacquering them I dropped them off at Amalgam Models here in Bristol for the finishing touch; having the FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS motif laser engraved into the base of the fork. I had thought about having some text on there, maybe ‘WINNER 2012’ or something like that, but I opted for the minimalist approach, in the vein of BÖIKZMÖIND and fixed gear in general, of paired down simplicity and I think they work better for it.

I was very sad to see the trophies leave my possesion but very proud to pass them on to the winners Benny & Lucy, who are the new guardians of the trophies. I say ‘guardians’ because I’m hoping to make FIXED ‘n’ CHIPS an annual event and when that happens they’ll have to pass the trophies onto the next set of winners. Something that gorgeous that’s carved from hand deserves to live on and on and shared by many.

So, a huge massive gigantic THANK YOU to the mighty Tom Milner for making such a beautiful piece of art, to Amalgam Models for the engraving and for Benny & Lucy for winning the race and giving them a good home!


Just finished this graphic for #FIXEDnCHIPS, a BÖIKZMÖIND chip shop-based alleycat race I’m organising for the end of the year, here in Bristol!

I’m really excited on this, with lots of fun plans for making it fun and all-inclusive. It won’t be just about how fast you are on a bike, I’m hoping to ‘gamify’ it up a bit, so its a bit more fair and just a good laugh!

Stay tuned on the BÖIKZMÖIND Facebook for details as and when they’re confirmed, it’s going to be happening on Sunday October 28th, the official last day of Summer! Also, it’s open to anyone with a fixed gear bike; boys & girls, Bristolians and anywhere else, would love to see some of the fixed gear family outside Bristol come and have fun!


Nothing says #Boss better than a custom clipboard. Thanks to @jamfactory for organising #FixedNChips & for being an all round rad dude. For more from Gavin look out for @xxiv_magazine , dropping soon.