I took this photo a while back. I was on my way to go visit a friend and decided to make a quick stop to snap a pic of this mural with my bike in front of it. This was back when I used to rock risers on my bike, I remember this day in particular because it was like 40 degrees in January, but I guess now we’re paying for it because we can’t even hit 60 in April haha. Everyone Is Entitled To Be A Hero.

I'm Just Tryna Get Home

The clock strikes 10. I hurry these dudes out of the computer lab so I can get home. I walk to where I lock up my bike as I always do. Unlock. Lights on. Light drizzle. I head off towards Foster and head west. Open road so I’m pedaling all out. I hit Pulaski and turn south. It was an awesome chilly night. Drizzle. Cutoff shorts. Mind cleared. Focused on the ride. I approach Pulaski & Lawrence and I see a car turning just as I enter the intersection. I brace for impact. He clips the area around my pedal/rear dropouts of my frame. In midair I see my bike about 7 feet ahead of me already on the ground. I cover my face and my nose gives an Eskimo kiss to the pavement. A random dude helped me up and onto the sidewalk and went to go make sure the guy didn’t drive off. The police saw what happened and were already stopping the guy. Then I realize this sharp pain in my stomach and it sucked. Shaken up a bit I started thinking about the what happened today at the Boston Marathon. It’s an annual event that people go to to support runners and just chill and have a good time. People today lost lives and limbs. How many of us today (yesterday technically) woke up grumpy because it was Monday. We got to live to see Monday, and hopefully we get to see Tuesday. We don’t appreciate the air we breathe and the light we see when we open our eyes sometimes. It takes tragic events like the Boston Marathon or getting hit by car for one to realize the gift of life they have been blessed with. I’m not gonna lie. I complained Sunday about the next day being Monday. Today (or yesterday whatever) I am glad to say I walk away with two bumps on my leg after getting hit by a car. It’s crazy out there dudes…appreciate every single moment of life you have…and do not let your potential go to waste. We are all great.


This was just before I went on my first ride with my boy, Migs. He just got his first fixed gear (that red as bike haha) and we were gonna ride out to play some bball with some friends. We get to Diversey & Damen and I beat the red light and he doesn’t. I end up waiting for a good 5 minutes on Ashland, which is less than half a mile away, and he texts me saying he stopped for a water break haha!! We rode 4.94 miles in 27:15. This dude has got to get faster though.